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Installing A One-Off Custom Sound System In An Old SUV: Jimmy Resto Ep.17

Main Installing A One-Off Custom Sound System In An Old SUV: Jimmy Resto Ep.17

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    Subscribe today to catch all my upcoming project episodes and reviews! In today’s video, we continue with the Jimmy’s audio system build …

    Thomas Telling

    at the time i would have been called something like concert Audio II like in some higher end GM cars

    Dom MM

    U should be reviewing Ben's car

    Flick flock

    That thumbnail looks like and absurd front bumper

    Vq lifestyle

    Wats sup with the 240

    John Grytbakk

    So nice this Jimmy. Would have loved to own it 🙂

    Brandon Wilson

    What kind of music do you be blasting man lol

    Brian LaTulip

    That guy Ben is a craftsman. I would be so stoked to have a guy like him installing my audio system.

    User 342

    You need to upload more! I wants see that s10 again

    tjaart sauer

    Amazing work! Loving the jimmy videos, are you going to do a respray as well?


    Kyle reliving his early college days throwing it back to the subs haha! Yo i miss that chrsyler 300m video u had, the one u restored back after repo with the custom subsf

    Dean Wharepapa

    A lot of excellent work went into this insulation, awesome


    It's really impressive how car audio guys are carpenters, electricians, painters, resin workers, mechanics, welders, and sound experts. Really a multi-skill job that takes years to master.

    Tae G

    It's funny how interesting these videos are

    Ed Pitchers 458

    Video Idea: Do a review of the 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV

    Tq 2302

    Liked the video, highly informative. Your guy obviously knows what he's doing and it showed. Good job


    Dude, this man is an god with wood and fiberglass! What does something lik this kost?


    This guy is an artist!


    Did you say monster n Sheetrock?! I'll take it!!!


    What about a shout out to that guy that did ALL THAT WORK!

    Daelin Lis

    Been with you since 2009 Kyle when I was 8! Great to see how the channel has grown!

    Sky Racer

    Such an AMAZING job!

    William Yowell

    Do you still have the Dealership and if so can I have the info for that


    GOD! I LOVE watching a master at his craft, it's like magic!

    The Beige Wonder

    Super Awesome Video

    Jagdpanzer677 _

    I love your videos so much!! Ill click on one and watch it but it only feels like its 5 minutes long because im so interested in what you do. Keep up the awesome content!!

    1 2

    I’ve been watching u since I was 13 (I’m now 16) and u really got me into cars and I’m looking at starting my own project! It’s a 96 Taurus with only 73,000 original miles! But it was stored in wet condition so it needs a lot of new things and refurbishing.


    That guys work is beyond impressive; I’m sure it wasn’t cheap.

    luis lazaro

    great project but I also want to mention when you do another sound system on a vehicle make sure you locate the tweeters at upper level to be able to hear great sound quality and immerse into the music

    Tesla Model X

    I'm sorry to say this, but you look better with no beard.


    Love the video. Grow the beard.


    So glad you're going with Sundown! I have 2 15"s in my tahoe…absolutely love them.


    Amazing and it really seems that it was factory made.
    Although the tweeters should be positioned higher because higher frequencies are directional in contrast with the lower frequencies that are not.
    But anyway it's really an amazing job.

    Tyler Lyons

    Didn’t like the Jimmy at first. But man was I wrong to hate it. Love the direction of the channel and I love the content. Keep it up Kyle👍


    i have to say that LOOKS Much batter than OEM good JOP 👍


    Keep them coming bro

    rome seveneightsixnine

    Dayum…….😭 now I miss my ol blazer!…. my 84 had the rare beginings Tahoe badge on it. 😡 dang it!…….. Forgive my French.

    XxklusivV Gaming

    Got that man of the woods thing going on…..ok I see you SK04!

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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