Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Installing a Stand Alone ECU on the LS Powered Huracan – Haltech Elite 2500

Main Installing a Stand Alone ECU on the LS Powered Huracan – Haltech Elite 2500

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    In todays episode were installing our Haltech Elite 2500 into our LS powered Huracan. Huge thanks to Haltech for all the support! Check out Haltech at: …

    Daniel Brown

    i wold have mounted the Haltech in the engine bay

    Mr. Wig.

    This is coming really good Congts..

    Nathan Tankersley

    This will be cool when finished because it will be dependable and if you have a issue it will cost 20 bucks instead of 2000 bucks the Lamborghini tax is fucking stupid no reason for any company to charge 500 dollars for a goddamn gas cap

    Jan V

    Why not use Audi stuff for the key problem. Probably way cheaper and mostly the same.


    19:44 "We know exactly kind of what they do." Classic confidence inspiring statement.

    Throttle Grotto

    If you have a copy of Vag-Tacho you can read the key codes, which then get programmed to the cluster, ecu , and modules with a copy of VCDS.


    Awesome build y’all are doing! Can’t wait for new content.

    Clayton Yates

    Holy hell almost a million people subscribe to this channel!


    Taking a car with one of the best V10's in modern history and putting in the most plain jane V8 known to man. Odd choice

    Leo V.

    Anyone think of Stranger Things at 21:40?

    Big Tasty

    Australian rep for the haltec if you like this channel check out mighty car mods its and ozzie channel and they work with haltec all the time tuning fork is amazing thats what they call the tuning guy

    Mitchell Gildea

    B is for Burntacan

    Manuel Marungo

    Hellll yeah boi!

    robert brunt

    You should contact the place called specialized ECU Repair, from what I’ve seen of their YouTube videos they could probably help with getting everything to talk to each other, and they can make keys


    Saw your block at Texas Speed yesterday….looks great!

    Rodney Ortiz

    I kinda feel you're gonna brick your green Lambo…

    Mike D

    Can't believe you didn't name it the Lamburntghini…

    SwimBait TX
    dat boy orly

    NGL Oscars the best boy in the b for builds workshop

    Mason Seigerman

    Oscars build is going great.

    Jorge Torres

    even though i don't understand half of what ur saying or doing, i fuckin love your vids. u are a genius!!!!!LOL


    The guys that did your side airbag and reset on the green spyder, you said they have spares right?

    Dookie Thomas

    B is for Oscar

    TS Garage

    Is this going to have a water to air intercooler setup?

    David Cherry

    Hi B is for build if you renamed the car its called chevroghini muracan


    Oscar is a real MVP

    Любомир Петров

    He actually didnt go full send as he was showing the pedal position calibration being done…

    Aaron Carter

    im sure you can get immobiliser coded out on bcm2 thats what i was told

    Arvis Ābols

    19:29 B is for Beer and Beer is for Build


    maybe you should get another opinion on the ECU stuff. A dealer technican knows the dealer methods and stuff, that are mostly pricy and have to do with replacing stuff. For the Huracan and its VW roots there are very likely a bunch of mods and codings you can do to the ECUs to change things. I did some coding with my bmw but just the basics like start/stop off etc., but there are guys who can do a lot more. Matching a new key change the VIN or maybe run without a key at all. Samcrac did a video on it recently where he visited one of those shops which reprogrammed him his Ferrari ECUs…

    Andrew Hardy

    "back to whatever Roger is doing." Hmmmm, considering he's a mechanic, I'd say he's cursing and crying and then crying and cursing and then asking for another bandaid and then cursing some more and demanding that he be given something to break.

    Zues Toots

    I can hear the car gods having a shit storm over this car. Total step backwards
    And you should never use a Multi meter to find a live wire. It may read around 12v but the amperage could be to low to run anything. Use a Test Light for finding live wires

    Elliot Carter

    Does the Haltech have the ability to clone CAN messages? You might be able to replicate the ECU's messages out of the Haltech and allow it to not have a Lambo ECU.


    Can't you just try and get the original key from the previous owner?

    Chris Colmenares

    I know nothing about cars. But you have me wanting to build a Lambo myself


    Hey Chris, I’ve always wanted to put the mustang’s coyote engine and the Mitsubishi Evo’s awd system together, I was wondering if you had a video that would help with this or make a video of how the engineering of this would work. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


    That laptop has T H I C C bezels

    Pissed up Gamer

    Cant wait to see it coming together ur mental but in a brave way UTH

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