Tuesday, March 28, 2023

INTENSE TRAINING For The Speed Academy Track Challenge in Canada!

Main INTENSE TRAINING For The Speed Academy Track Challenge in Canada!

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    Miata Track Challenge goes live TOMORROW with ya boi MiataDAD facing off against Quinn Kizis of GQM Garage/Slip Angle Media! Who do you think will take …

    philip wakeham

    How can you lose with a Rocky level training montage!!!

    Jeremie Evangelista

    Best of luck! You’re gonna have so much fun!!

    Devonte Mitchell

    Racetrack aside congrats on losing some weight that always feels great


    Listen to a Eurobeat playlist while you sleep. And be sure it intensifies.

    Ethan Vermillion

    Been waiting for this so long. Want all the Miata YouTubers to do it!

    Alan Page

    You should never drop a burrito, kid. Ever. Lol super excited for you can't wait to see! Awesome video, again..

    Beyond Reality [CD10]

    Ballsy AF to challenge Quinn. I'm impressed!


    Greg and Quinn on Speed Academy together?! Is this real life??…

    Jesse Arends

    This is great xD

    Chris Snider

    Are you driving an e92?!?


    Good work, Greg! Can't wait to see the next video lol

    Miguel Gf Miata Bolivia

    WITH the jacks working out hahahahahahahahaha you are the best hahahahaha!!

    MazdaMini Garage

    Love you dad ❀️

    Garage Topics

    Let's go!! Gonna be a good one to watch congrats on all the hard work sir


    Silver play button? nah, greg needs that hair dryer

    Nick Johnson

    Honestly was expecting Greg vs Gingium, but this is dope too


    If Greg is Miata dad who is Miata son?

    Sitha Puth

    So.. who won???

    The Slip Angle

    This was hysterical πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It was great meeting you brother! Golden Hairdryers for life! 😜✌️


    Dang droppin body weight to go even quicker around a track. Ma man haha! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ€˜

    Cory Yalowicki

    The two car jacks had me cracking up!

    J P

    Oh, and hilarious video!

    Cameron Lancaster

    This video, perfect.

    J P

    I love the speed academy channel!

    Steve Cobb

    I'm so happy your doing this, I thought of you first when they launched this challenge. Love the mindset. You got this


    If you lose, not only will I unsub, dislike, and not leave a comment, I will claim all your videos because I also own a Miata and have the rights to the name, and I will contact my voodoo hippie step aunt who will put a curse on your axles. Pressure is on, good luck.

    Austin Couto

    Damn, cant believe you were out in my own backyard! I live right by TMP in Cayuga

    Danny Courtney

    super super solid video my man!

    shannon howard

    No footage of the laps! What a tease!!!


    Hmm… proposal?

    L S

    Go Greg!! Super excited to see your lap πŸ™‚

    Kevin Lieu

    Haha great video. Love how much you prepared

    GE3KSPD Motorsports

    I've never so anxious to see a YouTube video as much as this race. Let's gooo!!


    I dropped a piece of bread on my phone at 3:50 and it fit so perfect I really got a good laugh


    Get iRacing!!! This isn't a small or slow track at all. GLHF!

    Andres Kim

    Do it to it Miata Dad! We're proud of you no matter what!

    Jeffrey Lyons

    I was really hoping you could some how make this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


    pshhh we all know Greg Peters has the fastest Miata lets not kid ourselves with Miata Dad

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