Monday, March 27, 2023

Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 – His New Engine is INCREDIBLE! **Bald Eagle/Freedom ALERT**

Main Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 – His New Engine is INCREDIBLE! **Bald Eagle/Freedom ALERT**

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    LEROY IS BACK… and better than ever! NEW NEIGHBOR “We’re On Fire” SHIRTS!! Get yours here: McFarland Tuning and Fabrication …

    Hangover Gaming

    Gotta get that stick shift world record back from that mustang lol


    Dude you guys should do some timtam slams.


    Next meet should be called Cleetus and Calories

    Goaty McGoatface

    Yall calm down with the Pantry gifts.. You're gonna make them fat, weight reduction is key on the quest for 7's

    Richard Briefs

    I’m surprised you guys aren’t Mello Yellow fans, days of thunder and all…

    Glenn Connon

    Go team diabetes.

    Drum Method

    🔥🔥yes yes 🔥🔥


    Do a Mukbang video with your pantry goods, for S#÷@ and Giggles. Extra easy content. Should be hilarious. Invite Fasterproms for sure.

    Doug Smith

    Sending food to a guy whos biggest worrie is when his FREE motor arrives. You people need a life…


    5.3l stock bottom end for Ruby to run some 7s.


    I think things are getting out of hand when you have 50k worth of engines delivered.

    James Cromartie

    Snacks for Days!!!

    Turbo World

    Love the channel, really sad I missed you guys in houston , had prior plans that I had to honor. I think you may get a kick out of my turbo out the hood wagon. Turbo Hood militia !! Keep it in the red!!

    Andrew Selamaj

    This dude always looking fried lol


    By the grace of Dale, you better put little ripper 1.0 in ruby or so help me!

    Jesper Wenström

    Put the aluminum engine in ruby please

    Travis Hale


    Daniel Castro

    Cleetus sponsored by his fans now

    Nicolai Chris

    Please make this a t-shirt 😁 Jeremy makes 'em last and Cleetus makes 'em blast!!! Chris Nicolai from Lake City MI

    Fox Body 91

    Well since you have so much money wanna build my fox race it then return it in it's badass form

    Agbhar Gihad

    last half of vid sucked. came for cars not your pantry…

    Yoeri Kurvers

    Cleetus signed a fetus

    LaidToRest FAM

    i need me a let er rip tater chip sticker for my 6.0 XD


    as for content in these videos,most of us have had it with endless packages of snacks,beverages etc.i get it that providing attention to these things kleeturis and his homies get value for free and invest those dollars in their cars but maybe they could do that with less.maybe perhaps doing vids with only snack content and really hardcore vids only about cars?for a future project maybe a roots blown and nitrous assisted bigblock chevy as you can get those real cheap second hand.i used to race a blown bbc here in finland and it was the cheapest and most reliable way to go nines in 64 malibu ss.

    Jeremy Hildebrandt

    You guys need to do a twin charged project! Would be so awesome.

    Hella Rice

    Cleetus you have so many fans in Michigan please have a cleetus and cars in the Grand rapids area pls

    Domus deBellum

    as per flag etiquette the US flag should be on its right side as it looks out. as in, sitting in the drivers seat the US flag should be on the right hand side of the car.

    Allen Lord

    Texas speed getting on board behind the team is One of the best things to ever happen for the channel. They ALWAYS do you guys RIGHT. Leroy has no hood. NO PROBLEM. Texas speed has you covered 1 BEAUTIFUL ENGINE for 1 BEAST of a car,!!!😎😎😁😀

    Cool Guy


    Steven Gil

    Really put the corvette on the video not no more Mountain Dew

    Steven Gil

    What the hell does cooper do he just stands around

    Nellie’s Garage

    Hey Cleetus, could you make a video sometime about how you plan and produce your videos? It would be great for those of us just starting out trying to make better videos.

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