Thursday, March 23, 2023

Introducing: YARIS HILTON

Main Introducing: YARIS HILTON

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    Our new project car has arrived… We don’t do Patreon but you can support us directly by grabbing some merch from our online store. We ship worldwide.


    Wtf lol why. Been dreading this build!

    trevor mccormack

    Well they were never great but make a great one. If any car channel can do it you guys can. I drove the balls off my mums Yaris for 2 years when I started driving and it never skipped a beat. The digital clock doesn't go past 99mph just in case your wondering. I drove mine downhill with a mate behind and we got to 107 but yaris only said 99 πŸ˜‚

    Achille Austin

    I smell a GSXR1000 swap

    Madis JΓ΅gi

    3sgte swap incoming, I hope


    Moog – "Dont even google search the yaris sedan"

    Everyone – Instantly googles


    2zzge swap needed


    You guys are fuckin awesome. Even with all your success, ye haven't lost touch with real car fans. Sure putting a body kit on a ferrari is cool or buying a new JDM icon every few weeks is the dream but you guys represent us! Not saying we dont want to see you guys pour piss and beer on a ferrari but doing shit to a Yaris makes you guys infinitely more real and relatable and keeps the spirit of OG YouTube alive IMO

    Clinton Whoo


    Bob Brown

    i wouldnt have paid 900 for that lol

    Joe Platt

    Shout out to the much cooler Starlet, still driving one and its brilliant!

    Connor White

    I love this video, this is my most anticipated video from you guys. As a proud Yaris owner I was on the edge of my toilet seat the whole time

    Frankie Riccio

    $3100 smh

    S R Leeming

    People still watch this?

    antony redfern

    you didn't pay 3100 for that did you ? Really? should of got a used second hand AMG xD

    Smiley Bear

    3rd gen yaris sedans are the best!

    trevor mccormack

    2zz swap that. 1.8 190bhp Yamaha Head Tuned engine. A fairly easy swap compared to most you've done.

    Nihal Shroff

    Hey so i have to say, You said the car in question isn't a rally car. Well it its… in Europe it is. It was in WRC and its used in snow drifting aswell. Hope it gets the same treatment as the golf

    EDIT: Scratch That…its a 1.3……….. Hopefully you can make it sort of a rally car


    My first car was a mk2 yaris so this is going to be great

    jamie booth

    Gt86 next!


    That's what makes you guys so lovable. You work on the cars, nobody thinks about and it's so enjoyable. It not always needs to be the GTRs, GTIs, Audi RS, AMG, M-Power or big blocks. Thank you two and your mates for this great entertainment.


    I dunno what you got planned for this Yaris but I can tell you now the Mira will ruin it.

    Benjibear Day

    Please, pleeeeeeease, make it in to a Yaris trophy cup car. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Sisekelo Duma

    In South Africa it also came with a 1.8 litre


    My work colleague has the 1.8 version, just one problem is you can't get exhausts for that model.

    Smiley Bear

    Yaris is in wrc what do you mean?

    Jamal 6

    Put a motorcycle engine in the yaris!

    Nick Sharpe

    Finally πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    HalldΓ³r Ragnarsson

    One lady owner?Worst car i ever bought,totally neglected

    Smiley Bear

    I am a yaris lover

    Aamir Azadzoi

    Watch the prices of these go up in value

    Brock Northey

    Whats happening with the OutFap?

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