Monday, March 27, 2023

IRS Control Arms! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 8

Main IRS Control Arms! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 8

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    We’re modifying Mazda Miata rear control arms to mount on the IRS center section of our 750cc cross kart build! Rather than building upper and lower rear …

    Dylz Streamz

    You should make a big spoiler for it or make it Luka nascar or formula 1


    hi….thinking trianglar brace…..way to go……………enjoy…………..n

    Pat Davis 2403

    I would've built new suspension from scratch, but the miata suspension works pretty good


    thumbs up for 9:58 Ikes Girly scream
    The MiartiCarty Looks, awesome guys, Looking forward to the next video already!


    Quad bike rims? Like off a raptor


    Going so well right up to the where u thought it was a good idea to chop the CVS lol should have went with the width. If the buggy is narrow it won’t follow dirt roads well but if it’s close to a car width it will follow the tracks in the dirt road better and u can replace CVS easy

    Nathaniel Mathies

    If you want this to be an off-road or semi off-road kart, why not throw the monster kart wheels on it or some off road tyres on Miata alloys?
    Make it kind of like a sand rail or Baja buggy

    Larry Ney II

    It's looking good !!!!


    can you replace the broken CV boot it looks terrible. I think your going to have to make 2, it's going to be so good your not going to want to take turns


    Youre telling me ike rides an iron?
    Like, a sportster iron?? 😂😂😂
    Nah im playin. I ride a kawi vulcan 1500, so I think the sportster is a real pretty bike


    at 11mins,I realized I don't have 12K to piss away at your set-machines/tooling.Bye.

    Lazy moto garage

    @CarsandCameras I love your videos and I wanna support you guys I have a 1990 Kawasaki ninja 600 motor that I personally built it has a 10 thousandth head shave its ported and has polished values as well as i have some performance carbs for it I have never started it yet but I have everything you need. Get ahold of me if you want it I would love to give it to ya for the kart

    Georgie Presley

    Ike's scream way price less

    5.7 Chevy

    Out some 15 inch miata wheels on it with some 31 inch mud tires


    Is it me or are you missing a shock tower to support the spring and shock absorber on each side? Whoops addressed the issue at the end of the video. My bad.


    suspension geometry aside, its looking awesome. waiting for next video

    RFC Pilot AUS

    That is starting to look so sick dudes. Can’t wait till y’all are rippin round the cats and cameras Grand Prix!

    jacob lawless

    4 wheeler tires maybe??

    Colton Darger

    Hey love the build u should put more beefy tires on it

    Keenan Blatherwick

    In my opinion, stay with the offset wheels!

    Final Call Racing

    You can weld quite a bit with 300 psi bottle pressure and will last quite awhile at a flow between 12 and 20.

    Robert Rojas

    When i built my cart it was out of a street bike .. I calculated it only used to turn one uluminum wheel now it has to turn a axel and two quad wheels i put a 45s tooth in the back and a 16t in front it had a 14 in front and 35 in the back it would have no acceleration or top speed and i couldn't hit 4th gear in a yard or it would bog out the final gear ratio it had mad acceleration nice shifing length and you could hitt almost all gears had retarded top speed if you weren't scared at going 55 in a corner it smoked a stock banshee if had the wrong gear ratio it probably would only beat a crf 230😂 now this will help my friend i don't wanna see u guys snap or break one off those axles at high speed and roll it or go into a ditch trust me i striped one side of a quad axle it was a drag quad it yanked left into a tree .. U guys gota make more awsome videos right? so this should help with safety and holding up to a 750cc motor in that nice build👍


    Should have used 4 wheeler control arms to keep the weight down and axles from a IRS wheeler

    Dallas Stepto

    This is gonna be wicked when it's done lovin this series

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