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Is Car Shaming a Thing?

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    I recently read an article about someone who had received a not-so-nice letter from their HR department about their vehicle, a 2005 Toyota Camry. It alluded to …

    Kevin Dailey

    My wife and I drive older paid off cars. Mine is a 2006 Toyota Corolla (145k mikes) and hers a 2012 Toyota Corolla (140k miles). We both had these cars prior to getting married. They’ve been good cars to us with very few mechanical issues.

    I came out of Lowe’s once to find that someone had hit my wife’s car. There wasn’t any mechanical damage but, did some damage to the front bumper.

    Just because you drive a new car doesn’t mean it isn’t going to get it’s bumps and bruises. That is unless you don’t drive it. New cars get dented in parking lots and on the road. They don’t stay pristine looking forever. Not to mention they go down in value.

    manuel TK

    I drive a 92 civic hatchback and my car is mechanically sound better than a newer car and I don't have to make payments to it I have it since 2004 and still drives strong and good gas mileage

    Laurie Seto

    I drove an old Dodge Caravan because I had two Old English Mastiffs. They're rather big (and slobbery). Needless to say I didn't wash it much. Cheers

    Craig L

    My tax guy once told me that the people who drove the most flashy and expensive cars were always the ones most in debt. He would know. I am all about not having car payments, plus the registration fees here in Cali are ridiculous. My 99 Silverado still costs me $230 to register every year. Car snobs are just suckers who like giving their money away.


    My 21 yr old car isnt the ugliest, has 220k, and cost me just under 7k for purchase and maintenance over the past 7-8 yrs. Delivered pizzas in it for 3+ of those years and now use it now as a commuter for 80 mile roundtrip to work. Any questions?

    I saw that piece. I thought everyone knew how much cars depreciate. Plus, i just watched your vid from 5 yrs ago on why mechanics drive junk cars.

    David Robbins

    I have personally had a customer come in to our shop got the bar minimum work down and to be honest may it be lil judgy he didnt appear very well off scrubby clothes etc. But the man gave us all 100 dollar tips and it turned out he owned a mortgage company.


    I do think this is an important topic of discussion but I'm inclined to believe that this letter that's circulating around on social media is fake. It's got a twinge of 'maybe it could be true' to it with a whole lot of 'this'll get lots of people on the internet mad.' It just seems like perfect social media fodder.


    I'm gonna guess it may be a high end law firm, real estate, or fashion company of some sorts where the employee have to show clients around and/or be seen with their car or maybe an executive? In cases like these, image and conformity still matter to an extent when though it breeds a shit company culture.

    luis amoa

    Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but fuck all of those people that shame others about the cars that they drive. Alllll of them. Me, I've never had a car payment ever. All my cars are old and are better than most things on the road today. Daily a 1994 VW Corrado VR6 and a 1995 two door Camry V6. My winter beater is a 2004 Toyota 4runner and my road trip cruiser is my 2004 Toyota Sequoia.. All fully paid for cash. No rust and well maintained. I could care less about self-driving cars ,hybrids and tech. A new car is the worst investment ever.

    Jacks Journale

    Most people are not mechanics and need reliable transportation. They trade in the car at the first sign of trouble rather than expensive maintenance and repairs. It’s the second and third owners who end up with this unmaintained junk. But these people, possibly the majority of the middle class are smart, get low interest and lower payments, and always have a newish vehicle. If you trade a 2 year old car or truck, you get a whole lot more money trade-in than if you keep the car until it’s not worth anything. You pay either way, maintenance and repairs, or payments and insurance. Today, full coverage insurance isn’t much more than liability for me. It’s the ones driving older clunkers paying liability insurance who’s getting screwed.

    Fact is people drive older cars because they don’t qualify for that low interest loan. If they did, they wouldn’t be driving junk! They take what they can get, even 190k mile Acura off the we finance lot for 5 grand!!!! They getting screwed, it was wore out when they bought it.

    Pete Miller

    I drive a 2007 Honda Civic coupe, manual shift. I even rattle can clear coated over the clear coat that was originally under recall. It is in great mechanical condition, gets 35 mpg and I love it. The exterior is a bit ugly and leaks a bit with 200,000 miles on it. But, no one will want to steal it and even if they did, if the thief is not part of the 15% that can drive a stick, it stays were I park it. So, tell those shamers to take a flying leap. OBTW, NO car payments.

    Jayson Zimmerman

    Tires are a great sign of regular maintenance for sure.

    William House


    Jared Strehlein

    If the car gets you to work on time, and is dependable. Who cares one bit what it looks like.
    a person may have crappy looking car, but they may eat much better than you. (on count of no car payment)

    Alesky Finis

    Wo from Aleskyfinis

    Tab King

    Don’t call the TL a POS LOL that is a classic Acura !!

    Craig Be

    Eric my good man, your beard is making you look like a gnome

    JayTuned 203

    My first car was a black 1995 integra Gsr i drove that car for years and i refused to buy a brand new car until it got stolen and i had no choice but to buy another car. It was old almost 300,000k miles on it paint faded but it never left me stranded.


    This is ludicrous, not only does the reliable pos reflect financial responsibility and great impulse control but if he wasn’t infact in a good place financially wouldn’t that be the incentive for that employee to work harder? That HR department needs to get their heads from up there ass, then be fired. Ridiculous…

    Ryan B

    Ohhh. I have the same set of tires for my 16 Mazda! They’re super grippy. I love them.

    Mike Pettengill

    Thanks for braving the cold for us Eric! I forgot my hoodie at lunch since I was sweating here in L.A. I applaud you point! I have a 200 Silverado that I got for a screaming deal, taking over payments in 2005 I think. It has 17,000 miles on it. I can bring myself to spend anything near what cars "cost" these days. There are just too many opportunities to find a great deal and maybe do a little bit of fix up. More power to you! P.S. Yes It's black.

    David Sanborn

    Bless you Eric, you're a breath of fresh air in today's peer pressure driven economy. I openly mock friend's auto purchases when I get a whiff of vanity and/or fear of auto shaming into an "upgrade". My mint condition '99 Subaru Legacy Brighton wagon looks like it just rolled off the assembly line and that reflects who I am: someone who can take care of and value his possessions.


    Perpetual debt, slavery works best when you don't let the slaves know.


    We bought the wife's 96 Honda fifteen years ago with 9000 miles on it. We have replaced the radiator about three years ago. She is told by people at her work shouldn't she get a new car, yes the clearcoat is peeling. Meanwhile those with the new cars appear to constantly have to fix their vehicles with stories of thousands in repairs. There's me having to spend $200NZ on repairs… I'll keep the failing clearcoat. In case you're wondering Eric, yes I maintain all our vehicles, they get looked after. I told the Mrs to tease them about how junky their shiny cars are.
    Modern cars that can't match the reliability of a quarter century old Honda that I paid $4400US for.


    Just paid my car off last week and I don’t plan on gettin back into car payments anytime soon. Gonna buy a cheap used car I like and fix it up.


    Many disreaoectfull re(actions) in traffic towards me and my little Suzuki Alto from 2003.
    Well… at least it's been paid for, i save money on taxes and gas, also by doing all the maintenance and repairs myself.
    Thinking your 'the boss' with a car only costs you bragging money.
    It's just me, but i rather invest in other things.

    DJ Odom

    I work at a chemical plant, it’s a blue-collar job, but most folks in this industry make decent enough money that we could probably convince a bank to finance most anything we want, but that doesn’t reflect responsibility. Almost the whole parking lot is full of well cared-for beaters. If you’re working hard for your money, you don’t want to blow it on your daily driver. My opinion aligns with yours, Eric, old cars are definitely financially responsible.

    Zero Ninety

    People who drive SUV's should be car shamed.


    I drive old Mercedes. I wrench on them all the time. I keep them looking new. My girlfriend drives a 95 Camry wagon, GREAT CAR! I also keep her car in like new repair. She recently got a promotion and her new co-workers asked if she was gonna get a new car soon, "now that she can afford it" she told them NO. But she drives up in my 95 Mercedes and they thing she bought a new car. Makes me laugh. these peoples perceptions of cars is so wacked. The Camry is in equal shape if not better then the MB, but they see that star and think money. I see the Camry and see utility and value. No way are we giving up on the Camry. My aunt bought it new and its still like new. Shes saving so i can do a suspension rebuild. That camry will be around long after her co-works cars have become soup cans.
    I don't understand the logic of making more money meaning you need to go out and get yourself a car payment.

    Chris Wales

    I drive a 2003 Seat Leon (VW Golf in a Spanish dress) had it 14 years. People have tried car shaming me and I laugh and tell them: Instead of making car payments I paid down my mortgage and I now own my house outright.


    Car shaming is real. Used to get a ton for my 27 year old Explorer that doesn't even look beat up. Then they got new cars and now are jealous because I spend in three years what they do every month in car payments 😁.

    Bill Dougan

    It's time for your customer to ask for a raise, then they could buy a newer car or afford to get a paint job. 🤓

    Daniel Tracy

    I bought a $500 Toyota Echo with 407000km runs drives 2 months later has 416000km no rust but has clear coat peeling. Needed $25 with of parts to make it road legal. No lights on dash or anything. I wouldn't hesitate to take it accords across Canada if needed.


    Fastest way to becoming a millionaire is to not have debt.

    B Rose

    2005, that's 3 years newer than my car.

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