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Is it worth it? Replacing your carburetor with a Holley Sniper EFI | Hagerty DIY

Main Is it worth it? Replacing your carburetor with a Holley Sniper EFI | Hagerty DIY

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    Is upgrading from your trusty Holley carburetor to fuel injection worth the trouble? Davin puts the Redline Rebuild Ford 289 on the engine dyno to find out if the …


    A Fram oil filter? Really?


    We wish to see TOYOTA’s engine’s


    JAPAN car please fix

    Michael Oster

    Just ordered my sniper kit for my monte carlo!


    3:43 [Ahh 313 on torque and 282 on horsepower…not horrible] The screen you have displayed shows 305.8 torque and 199.1 horsepower.

    Jason Rile

    Thems some nice bananas. I really want to go with this setup on my Caprice when the time comes.

    6.4 HemiDriver

    I have a '78 Camaro with mild SBC 383 stroker. I'm seriously thinking of swapping to an EFI system of some sort. Either a throttle body system like the Holley Sniper or MSD Atomic. Or a multi port system like the Edelbrock Pro-Flo.

    Don Mathias

    Great video. The real question is how much fuel each burns to make the required power. Do you have an answer with respect to this.

    Marko ! !

    I'll stick with points and carbs. This electronic " carb " is just too gimmicky for me and I bet not reliable under extreme conditions. In 1977 I ran a blown 429 big block ford in a front engine dragster on nitro running a twin point Accel dizzy turning to 9000 rpm. Enough of the points sledging. Guys should learn how to tune.

    Kal-El Ward

    Thank you for this video. Very informative. And easily explained.

    HotRod Ray

    Geniuses in comments don't understand how points work. Lol.

    HotRod Ray

    I went SEFI 25 yrs ago.
    Holley Sniper is great also.
    I've done an MSD and have no complaints there.


    How is this even a question in this century?

    Cana box

    This video is a joke. I’ll watch this channel again


    Timing control is a must, as well as holley strongly suggest that power and ground are ran directly to battery. The more it learns or is properly tuned the better.


    I can just see exhaust leaks in the future with the sensor adapter. Just weld the bung in and make it permanent. I do like that converting your 60’s V-8 to modern fuel injection is now so relatively simple. Thank you Holley!

    Robert Cowan


    Bill Barnews

    They need Uncle Tony with a cigarette in hand to get it right!

    Djamel Diesel O2

    Good luck ..thank's..


    Cool. It almost makes as much HP as my wife's Toyota Sienna.


    You used the "Orange Can of Death"? Of course your build is no good.


    You used Crapsman tools on this this engine? Of course your build is no good.


    Nice bottom end torque!

    It went from 600 cfm to 900 cfm, added about 12 cubic inches to the plenum and increased it's length and volume with the crossover effect. Gaining about 25 fl tbs of torque across the curve could be from that alone You would possibly get very similar results with a properly tuned carb and a spacer.

    A carb setup that is tuned right will make all but exactly the same power curves as a efi setup of the same cfm. Yes, efi will drive better with less work. That's a no brainier.

    The biggest advantages of the Sniper system is obviously cost versus buying a 900 cfm carb. You don't need a box of jets, multiple O2 sensors, time, etc, to tune it. The downfalls are that no carb ever suffered from EMI issues. Every standalone TBI system I have ever worked with can turn into an EMI nightmare. And that may appear during or after the install. Bad diode in the alt, bad wire, plug gap, wiring for TBI to close to something, etc.

    TBI injection systems are also not very good with cams with a rough idle . TBI and overlap don't go together real well at all, and that should be mentioned in any comparison. Driveability with throttle body injection and lots of overlap isn't going to be the best till after the rpm smooths out the vacuum and the runner speeds. The combination of changing vacuum and port stall will wreck havoc on the low rpm fuel mixture with a big cam.

    If you have or plan on going with a big cam, use a port injection system that is designed to transition from speed density to closed loop. You can put together a self tuning port injection system for about the same price as well. But it is a bit more work that bolting it on and 5 wires, lol….

    If you have a cam that idles with steady vacuum, a TBI system is a no brainier. It is going to run good basically all the time. Other than changing the fuel filter every few years, it will take care of itself for the most part.

    Add timing control to it… lol

    Wayne Shearon

    EFI will get you stranded.


    How about a predator carburetor on a dyno I cannot find anyone doing that


    Why not control of ignition? Bit weird, spending the money on EFI and just controlling fuel. Also agree with a lot of what Unc Tony said.

    Thad Schaeffer

    The last carburetor on a production car was a 1986 Yugo. The article in a magazine discussing efi vs carb closed by saying ding dong the carb is dead.

    Toby Bielat

    You guys didn't run a carb spacer or even tune or rejet that 600 vacuum secondary carb. Put that carb spacer under a 650 dbl pumper and tune it and see what happens. Ive done it before in the past and actually had a few of my buddys ripping the efi off their mustangs for a carb.

    Deo Persad

    Thanks for this 👍🏾 but I will go with a carb with spacer, electronic distributor, and electric fuel pump , and block hugger's for my car in the future 🙂 as my friend had a big block with this except extractor's and was very fast and reliable hotrod 👍🏾🤙

    chris burrow

    Sponsored by Holley Sniper EFI


    NEXT EPISODE: crank trigger added

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