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Is the NEW 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE the BEST Version of Highlander? | First Look CAS

Main Is the NEW 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE the BEST Version of Highlander? | First Look CAS

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    We’re out at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show and Toyota just unveiled a new trim level for the Highlander: XSE! This new 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE will be the …

    James Martin

    Now this is a nice truck glad I didn’t buy the 2020 it seemed boring to me

    Right Lane Hog

    The #Hybrid will be the best version, this is a family runabout not a sports car. Expect long waiting list like RAV4 Hybrid buyers experienced in 2019.


    It’s better looking because they got the grill the right side up.



    Covering your first major auto show is another big milestone! Glad to see the channel continuing to evolve and grow. Keep up the good work guys!

    Marilyn Barker

    I don’t like it


    How much would it cost??

    Aryeh Rosenthal

    Do you have any idea if the all-new redesigned 2021 Toyota Sienna minivan is coming to the Chicago International Auto Show 2020?

    Justin Xu


    Ryan Frisby

    Wow, this is amazing! Awesome video too!😸😻😸

    Bruce Baum

    The reason I won’t look at the 2020 Highlander is lack of folding mirrors, its a must have, does 2021 have them?

    In Gratitude I Am

    Horsepower? Torque? 0-60?

    CD King_

    Toyota is killing me with those non LED turn signals, there awful

    RD Lowe

    Love this XSE ! I like it better than the other trims…….I think I will wait for it !! 🙂 You guys are awesome !!

    Jason Thach

    The grill looks much better than on the Platinum.

    Jon Elliott

    Great job buddy !! The new look in the XSE trim is just about right for this vehicle. And I am impressed that Toyota liked Car Confections so much they painted the show car the same color as your hoodie. !!


    that looks good, almost has some hints of the Supra in it. Hmmm🤔👍

    Forrest’s Auto Reviews

    Drew is working those camera angles.

    Kerri Dillon

    Mechanically & with the interior it's the exact same car as my new 2020 XLE Highlander…except now they've dressed it up in black/ red bra & stockings instead of pretty but functional underwear. Not worth the extra $$$ in my book! Lol! 😁

    Mohammed Wazeem

    Can you do a review on The All-New Lincoln Navigator Black Label


    Thanks for sharing as I hadn't like the new front-end styling with the refresh and the "strange looking" silver unibrow as part of the grill. This XSE would definitely be the version I would get if I was in the market.

    ARKognition 119

    Toyota screwed the pooch with the Chrysler looking 2020 Highlander front grille. It's no surprise that they've decided to redesigned it for 2021.

    ZyQuavious Brown

    I see a little Avalon in the finder but very nice indeed

    Naveen Krishnamurthy

    That red interior 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Darrion Tunstall

    I love the 2021 Toyota Highlander it’s very sexy and nice! I love the red Interior!

    Jose S.

    Great video guys. Jealous you both were at the Chicago Auto Show.

    Golden Lantern

    Is this CAS? Can u go next Saturday too

    Jerald Matthews

    Great Video I like it but the the exhaust I wish it was one on each side.

    paul pellico

    would look SOOOO much better IF they got rid of hideous lower grili and just put a functional bumper.
    this would work with the stolen ford grill


    Front looks great. They should have put black rims so it can directly compete with VW Atlas. It seems like Toyota and Subaru can always get a car 70% right, but never 100%. It’s so annoying. I want to vomit when I see those rims. Subaru used them since 2015 on Limited trims.

    Gary Johnson

    60's Lost in Space, robot grill.

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