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Is the SHELBY GT350R BETTER THAN 2020 SHELBY GT500?!?!*Owners Review*

Main Is the SHELBY GT350R BETTER THAN 2020 SHELBY GT500?!?!*Owners Review*

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    Win a 2020 Shelby GT500 HERE – Is the GT350“R” BETTER THAN 2020 SHELBY GT500? What Shelby would you choose? Comment …


    So what’s ur Pick : GT500 or GT35 “R” ?


    ALSO OH MY GOD. SORRY!!! GT500. ALL DAY!! Hands down. No contest. 6 speed or not!! I’ve only ever driven standard Mustangs. And I could easily get us to that 7 speed Dually! Baby. Your 500 all day StangMode!


    Oh my god. I’m sorry but I can’t stand to see such a Beautiful car that has leaves under the Hood MAN!!! Come ON MAN!! take Care of it the way it really deserves!!! I don’t let anything get in my 01 GT. Sorry. But that is a HUGE BUMMER !


    It’s like a girlfriend and a mistress!

    Scott Sawyer

    Have 2019 gt350 loaded. Wish I could have both but blessed to have what I have.


    how can you have a GT350R and not clean out those leaves…. 6:18 0 love for such a beast


    Manual Transmission and Naturally Aspirated for the win… me…..


    Good content StangMode, but when are we going to see the Hulk vs a Supercharged or Turbocharged A10 GT. Thats the content I would like to see. Hopefully we'll see more racing this spring and less talking.


    Since the 350R is beaten in the quarter-mile and the track by the GT500, the question is: "Why buy a 350R?" Especially with the history of 350's blowing engines because of the flat-plane crank causing huge amounts of vibration. All versions of the 5 liter and 5.2 liter need an upgraded oil pump and double chain/double sprockets on the cams. Those are the two weaknesses in that engine design.

    Big Ed 420

    Just a Another day cruising in Mexico 🇲🇽

    Big Ed 420

    350 Definitely got the Win in the exhaust department

    Scott C

    Man I wish I lived closer to y’all would love to go to the meet love what y’all do

    Zay Lies

    My gt350r has ac backup camera has Everthing

    Vincent Farrell

    The GT500 exaust is like having sex with a condom. The GT350 is straight RAW DOG!!! Im taking N/A all day everyday over FI

    Erich Jefferson

    Great vid, I was at that crossroad on which one to buy back in November, I chose GT350 over the 500 cause of the driver connection. The 500 is bad ass but I like the 350 better.

    Brian Dubbeld

    His gt 350 r wheels he has on there now look way better👏👏👏👏👏set the apart from other gt 350s !!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍carbon fiber wheels are AWSOME also very expensive but very for street use

    Ace Hardy


    White_ Coyote5.0

    I got The cobra Valve stem covers so when I win the 500 I’ll put them on. 😂👍

    Peter Pan

    and these two say it without saying it, they would take the 6 speed R. They just wont admit it because he just bought one. Any smart person can see that.

    Peter Pan

    no question, the R. And its higher in price and demand for a reason 😉

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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