Thursday, March 23, 2023



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    Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Josh Chaparro

    I raced an 8th Gen si vs 9th Gen si if you wanna see 2 turtles racing LMAO!

    Jose Ramos Rondon

    where will at?


    so don't talk shit Ty' 😂

    Lars Haviland

    Get Ty something awesome for finishing those bolts looked like a giant pain in the ass!


    Ty' by far it the best being ever! what a guy!

    Landry Houston

    I'm concerned to why you have so many hoses..

    Danny Patrick

    When are you going back to Florida?

    612 whp GT3582R EJ8

    Chris is standing there talking to Tommy and all of a sudden he just starts spinning like the Exorcist on his Segway…lmfao


    Can we talk about Tommy’s rtv applying technique at 5:56? Jesus Christ 🤣


    not even excited for the race. once i saw how these turbos are now there is no hope. go down to florida and get that baby running how it should and then come and leave tommy in the dust

    the great white

    You got lucky with your girl keep her forever god dame


    I hope you gave him more than 20 bux

    Luis Torres

    @14:43 how do you choke on it Chris

    Eddie Gutierrez

    Fan guard is still not on. What the fuck Chris…

    Luis Torres

    Why? Tommy's car is just going to smoke your garbage ass skyline🤷‍♂️


    Tommy eggat is a loser damn I wish Chris didn't hook this guy up on YouTube


    how the fuck does the time go from 9:00 to 5:21? 😂😂😂 but you only had an hour and a half to work on your car.

    Justin Forister

    The 3 ghosts from Casper Lmaooo


    Props to Ty lol

    francisco toscano

    Just ls swap it.

    Jake Sinteri

    Put subs in the hoverboard


    With those clamps it’s easy if you spray some glass cleaner on the hose it will allow it to slide really easy without damaging the hose or use of lubricant that will leave residue behind.

    Alley Builds

    anyone else notice how he complained about how he "Had to go biking with Adam" but he didn't complain about when Adam payed him 160$ for landing all those bike tricks in his video ?

    Garrett Monk

    Just go single turbo like on Adams r32

    Connor German

    Completely ripped right off the bat 00:00

    Jose Aguilar

    Y do them fender bolts look so rusty?

    k leek vlogs

    Just save and build the engine

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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