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It’s the Questions You Ask

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    Problems have solutions. Auto repair problems are no different, but I think it’s the questions you ask that lead to the answers you need. I believe if you ask the …

    Michael Madden

    So what is next? I was thinking a Hemi transplant into the Mustang would be interesting.

    Catalin Popescu

    Hi Eric,
    I agree that asking the right questions is important.But I think that before we start asking questions we should begin by understanting as much as possible how the system that's broken works.Otherwise we won't be able to ask the right questions.
    Thanks for everythink you do.

    Sam Cripes

    I Love Monday's!

    South Main Auto Repair LLC

    So what came first… the chicken or the egg? And how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Questions that we may never know the answer too….

    Why my car don't run? I got that one! Great vid and point on Eric!


    HEY, ITS MY FRICKEN BIRTHDAY, Thanks for the cake Eric 🤣🤣🤣


    damn dude you look and sound stoned as fuck nice me too hahaha

    Midnight Mystery

    5:18 LOVE the ending! 😆

    Midnight Mystery

    1:30 Eric thinks a lot!

    Thanks for making these videos, Eric! They're always the best, as usual!


    Absolutely, I work at an auto parts store, whenever a customer has a problem with their vehicle, like the battery is dead, I usually ask them a series of questions before I give any recommendations. Most recently I inspected a customers battery in the vehicle, they explained the alternator had recently been replaced and the car won't start, but is able to be jumped, and the battery light went away on the dash. I asked them if they were working on the car while it was raining or possibly jump started the car in the rain. When they answered yes I immediately took off one of the battery terminals and saw a build up of corrosion. The customer didn't associate the rain with a corroded terminal causing a bad connection. After a quick cleaning, the car started right up. Had I not asked any questions, the customer would have purchased a new battery or replaced the alternator for a second time.


    So true. You can tell how sharp someone is by the questions they ask. Also, is they are actually paying attention. In my field of QA in manufacturing during training I tell them to ask questions about anything. Persons that don't ask questions, or questions are very limited I know they are going to be in trouble later…likely not last in the position or with the company.

    Jay Eickholtz

    Eric you are so right it hurts! I wish I could like this video ten times because you have found the secret my man. One thing I’ve noticed in your videos and in life is that most often the right question is “why?” It leads you down the path a little further when you aren’t sure where the path even is. Like you pointed out, what do I want this truck to be i.e. why am I building it?

    Murhaf Sukkar

    That’s why I highly appreciate your videos or as you called it “documentaries “. Critical thinking and analytical skills are what distinguishes your videos and I love it so much. Thank you Eric


    Do some more Element Videos?

    Joe’s Garage

    This is when forums can be super helpful. Particularly when it's a niche model with a devoted following.
    Those groups can usually help nail down a solution quickly because of certain common quirks they've also dealt with.
    It starts with opening a line of dialogue consisting of a number of Q & A's, when a member will sometimes chime in with the same issue. Eventually either that person has already solved their issue and is willing to help solve yours, or are willing to work together to find a solutuon.
    I can't express my gratitude enough for vehicle specific forums for this reason alone.

    Das TIER

    As someone working in the electronics repair business, I can strongly relate.

    I deal with extensive troubleshooting every day and you basically told me what I already knew, but I didn't know that I knew it already (Of that makes sense).
    Everytime I take on a new broken device, I do an analysis to find out whats wrong with it.

    Does it turn on? Is there magic smoke? Maybe a smell? Do some parts get hot? How much amperage does it draw?

    And then more and more detailed questions.
    If it doesn't turn on, do I have the main supply voltage? Where in the chain of conversions do I loose my supply voltage? What components could cause this symptom? Is one of them defective? And so on… you get the idea.

    Very interesting topic and very helpful and inspiring to me. Thanks!

    Brian Hume

    Man who asks question is ignorant man who doesn't ask question remains ignorant Just sayin from up north uk

    Aaron Meloccaro

    This questions for Google question goes for everything. Usually its people dont want to do the work of typing into Google. They want you to give them the answer. I especially like that website "Let me google that for you". I usually send that link to them.


    Great video. Very thought provoking!

    P.S. Badass beard!

    Norman Breau

    I'm a software engineer professionally and this perfectly applies in that field as well. There is a bug in the software…

    What is the user doing?
    What is the expected result? Sometimes the user just has a different set of expectations
    What is the actual result?
    Why is a program behaving a certain way. Is it intentional? Is it an actual bug? If so, is there cases where the software does work as intended?

    So many questions and once you find the answers, it can lead you to the proper way of addressing an issue.


    I've always had a diagnostic flow chart for a brain.


    Like the saying goes: Garbage in, garbage out. The answers you get are only as good as the questions you ask.


    People always get mad at me whenever i ask questions at work. They always ask imprecise stuff and i started calling them leading questions because they always require me to ask at least 3 questions before getting somewhere in the ballpark of getting a real answer.

    Aloha Snackbar

    Have you ever gone to bed with an itchy butt and woke up with smelly fingers?


    Yes, agreed however you have to ask the right person or people that know what they're talking about. Cheers

    John Pierce

    Eric how's the Fairmont doing?

    Alan Nelson

    You need a third channel "Eric the philosopher"

    Charles Maynard

    Oh ya! I completely agree but I also think it’s how you word the question also! Atleast in my experience I find that very important.

    Joseph Murray

    It's been 9 years now for ETCG1?
    Damn! Time flies when you're having fun.
    Well, if today is ETCG1's birthday, Happy birthday 🎂


    Had a major problem 2 days ago with my Acura oil pan your video helped me out greatly thanks

    Trey Cook

    When we have a problem that needs answers, my girlfriend and I ask each other questions. It's often quicker to come to a decision and make a plan.


    As someone who spends most of his day troubleshooting, it's most definitely all about the questions you ask. I work in IT but it's the same process as working on cars. Cars actually got me into computers and figuring out how to fix them.


    Sometimes the question itself is the answer.


    Asking questions is vital in our society. It shows that you are curioius and ultimately care about what concerns you or society in general and not just become a complete puppet of society.

    Chris Dunn

    Damn you Eric,trying to get people to THINK!!!!! Keep up the good work sir 👍

    Brandon Adkins

    My question is this: how did anyone find answers to anything before google, youtube, and the internet?


    What are some red flags for someone when they should stop a repair and employ a professional ?

    Mark Malinowski

    Hi my name is Eric the Car Guy and I'm a motivational speakerrrr

    Michael Long

    Very good point!! I find in the job I do, you have to ask questions to better troubleshoot things. I’m a computer tech.


    Thanks Eric, today is my birthday!

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