Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I've Bought Something New…. :)

Main I've Bought Something New…. :)

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    Get yours here: Use code tjhunt65 for 65% off! This Saturday, Mach 23rd @ 9:00 AM PST Hunt&Co is LIVE! Get 15 minutes …

    Broke Misfits

    Defiantly needs a hunt & co wrap on the trailer !!!


    You should have bought a ford


    I need your help bro really bad for some reason my Nissan Altima 2014 wont pass 5 mph and it’s not the transmission and we changed the app sensor idk what the problem is please help

    The Real Skillet

    Is that a MacTools toolbox teej 3:40

    PJ Morrison

    Calvin with the face memes again

    Al Borland

    Bigger trailer so now you can take 2 race cars to the track. Once you crash the first one you can take the second one out and crash that too, then go back home.

    Genesis Goode

    Plzzzzzz tj plzzz put the rims that are on the supra back on the fd plzzz it was so nice😔💞💞


    How tf do you have Tow Mirrors and not know they extent? Like bro most people leave them out for the helluvit

    Donald Piercy

    Now you can drive 55 mph in ca


    What happened to the old outro music

    Goria Akash

    Chevy and gmc have like almost the same shit bruh


    Tj will you ever buy a gtr again? Maybe get a liberty walk kit for it this time?


    Just sending it ftb!


    Someone meme this man

    Hasan Mirza

    Man ur so ugly

    JDM GV

    Tj, bring your Ferrari out to CSUSMautos meet

    Efren Landeros

    Bro you should do a give away project car or give sub rides on your cars . Thanks to us you got what you have

    Marcus P

    Need to put a tongue lock and possibly a boot on that trailer ASAP or there will be a video in the future titled “MY NEW TRAILER WAS STOLEN”


    if I didn't have the beats wireless headphones I wouldve got those KOVE , 56.00 BUCKS IS A DAMN GOOD PRICE


    Please update ur channelbanner

    Ian Wilkes

    Don’t u dare stick 1 of those on the Ferrari lmao there cool and all but will look like shit on it lmao and make the value drop through the floor 😉lmao it will not look right right on that car man


    @TJ Hunt you should do grey and red banners also other then just black

    Aron Rivera

    Are you riding anytime soon?

    tjaystan Red

    Ferrari badges anytime soon? You’re a tool

    željko podoreški


    Impultz Media

    make sure you lock it up so it doesn't get stolen


    You should wrap the new trailer with a bunch of promotional info for Hunt&Co… Keep up the great work!

    tavish dozier

    should have got a sleeper one

    Adri aan

    Best beginning of a video ever😅

    Matt Hill

    Have premium put some dope graphics on it

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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