Monday, March 27, 2023

James' Burnout Truck Hits the DYNO!! Ends HORRIBLY… Was It Worth It?? (Cam Chop Level 9000)

Main James' Burnout Truck Hits the DYNO!! Ends HORRIBLY… Was It Worth It?? (Cam Chop Level 9000)

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    It was a short run, but it sure was fun! We will get ol White Trash fixed! Check out our schedule for 2020 here – …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Guys we just landed in Australia!!! 🇦🇺 can’t wait to see Toast 🦅

    Brian Baacke

    @CleetusMcFarland Here’s an idea….for Coop’s Mystery Machine burnout vehicle, instead of using water for the burnout pad, y’all should use spaghetti sauce! It would match Coop perfectly!

    Love the channel and the vids! Keep em coming! Do it for Dale!!!

    Gregory Carter

    I was thinking 350 hp to the wheels

    steven zobel

    Happy new year to you and friends


    "Tubb it"or slam it In the back and put 20 or 22 inch wheels on it with a blower

    Steve C.

    You guys love your hi Rams 😁

    Richard Thompson

    rotflmao fools

    Java Son

    Use leaf blower as the turbo on the minivan

    Alex Marquez

    Takuaches watching this video

    d chaveo

    That one flame knocked some shit off the shelf hell yeah baby Jesus

    Kingy B

    Wow, pretty soon you'll be up to a bone-stock modern Dodge Hemi, Chebby junk!

    Justin Stanworth

    Watch out for dem big ol skeeter McCleeter.

    PK075 BROCK

    Merry Christmas fellas

    Sapo ST

    My boy cleetus looks like a gang banger from Chicago with that mullet 😂


    he needs the biggest most ridiculous hitch hanging off that thing.

    Sam Bowers

    Hey give it quick PSSSHHH!!!!



    Mr Hyde #BHR Security

    James, get the procharger!!!

    Max Krukar

    Good old Chevy right? Right?

    Morg Golden

    Trokiando cuh

    Dönald Trümp

    I’m liking that Bluetooth driveshaft

    Atanas Tripzter

    Safe trip guys 🙂 Merry christmas, happy new year.. thanks for the entertainment 🙂


    All rocking mullets!??? 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Jolly Rancher

    Wonder what the cam specs are good lord.

    J A

    That truck would look 100X better if it was a short bed.

    c cc

    get a copy of the scrutineering check list at summer nats ill get some idea on wat youll want in a full time skid rig ie tail shaft loop lol

    H H

    You guys are awesome! Love the channel!! Do you do tuning for people on the side? I just bought 2019 ram 1500 single cab hemi and cant hardly wait to start tunning and modding when money is


    I'd really like to see leroy's turbos get bigger and maybe do a new intake setup to where instead of having the bends, have it straight piped for the induction and maybe it'll make it a little easier to see when driving.


    what are the specs of the cam


    Why couldn’t the dale truck be your burn out car

    Moto Dad

    What cam is in the truck?


    8 am tuesday new video…..where the heck is it.

    Val Bigfish

    I have the same driveshaft hahahahahaha


    James Face at 6:26 had me dying! That's the face of an evil plan being thought of.

    Brian Proffitt

    Ole James a bad man with some tools an a LS 😳🤯, I’d drag race it to not just blow it up doing burnouts


    “It sounds like the Dale truck” = Truck race coming soon

    gerald lasaye

    i think it deserves a better name if its a show truck maybe its name could be holywood or showstopper


    I bet Tavarish could fix that tailgate. Just sayin…..

    Krock Tv

    Fuck. I’m going to get me a Ls

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