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Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs. Chevy Colorado ZR2 – 2019 Off-Road Truck Comparison

Main Jeep Gladiator Rubicon vs. Chevy Colorado ZR2 – 2019 Off-Road Truck Comparison

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    This video chronicles an off-road truck comparison test of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon and the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The Gladiator is by far the …

    Kris Kline

    The complaints of high bedsides are irrelevant when it comes to the true reason they are so high. Most put a tonneau cover on their truck and it’s really nice to still have a depth of 21” or more with the cover closed. Allows for a lot more capacity of gear and especially an expedition cooler. The shallow beds on some trucks really suck. The gladiator has a puny 17.5” of depth prior to even putting on a topper. That sucks.


    that jeep is overpriced. ZR2 is better bang for a buck.

    John Weber

    Sad so many of the youtube auto channels have basically become infomercials.

    Ryan Fitzgerald

    none of these mid sized trucks are worth the price. car lots are filling up. 47K is too much for a truck

    Overlanding Action

    This is great to determine the best mall crawler extraordinaire. Take them for some real rock crawling and some real off-road challenges.

    Reed Douglas

    I agree it's a Jeep and Jeep worthy but it is not based on the Wrangler in anything other than similarity and looks. The Gladiator is based on an actual truck chassis

    bigpigslapper Oink

    If a truck can't haul a piece of plywood, it's a car. It's senseless to buy a "truck" with a 4-5' bed. Get a damn car and stop posing. It doesn't suit anyone. Morons have turned a work vehicle into a damn fashion show to look like somebody. They fail.


    The wheel base on the Gladiator is too long to be a practical off roader.


    So why was the Chevy Colorado rated as the OFFROAD TRUCK OF THE YEAR THEN if it's so bad

    Jeep Overlander

    Nice video guys. Could get a hold of a ZR2 Bison with Diesel engine? Where was filmed at?


    This was Car and Driver levels of bias. Edmunds just assumes the ZR2 isn't doing well on that section of road, claims they should have spent more time tuning in these conditions, maybe add an extra mode. It then literally cuts to Calvin stating how well the ZR2 was doing…… Love it……

    Michael Cavalieri

    First of all you hit the damn bumper not to Hitch with the Jeep and the Colorado seem to have going through a lot easier then the Jeep and the Colorado looked a lot better going through the sand it looks like the Colorado could Blaze through that shit where the Jeep looked sad and out of place! The only thing the Jeep had going for it was visibility out of the front other than that the Colorado is a superior vehicle for all-around and fun and just think you could still put bigger tires and do modifications to the Colorado! Hands down ZR2 wins way better vehicle not even close I'm sure the Jeep will sell for more and hold its value more and all that other bullshit but for day-to-day living fuck it I would go with the real truck Chevy


    Huge fan of the ZR2, but I love my JKU something about being able to rock crawl with the roof off.

    Ron Johnson 2

    The Jeep would be the only choice for me in this vehicle segment because of the solid front axle. Modding the Gladiator to compensate for the long wheel base isn't much of a problem. For me I really like the concept behind the Jeep Gladiator, but for a 4×4 pickup, I'll take the full size Ram Power Wagon hands down or the TRX when it finally arrives over any cracker box little truck.

    Casper 24

    That jeep guy is a fool,the damn Colorado won in every segment but he wants the jeep

    A T

    Cant believe i like the Colorado but that zr2 is growing on me… that jeep is ulgy as fuck!

    Harpreet Singh

    Did that chinese guy open his eyes 🤔

    Rockin Rolla

    Wow… Those two guys are really goofy looking….weird to see them covering the gladiator… they seem more like a suburb fan…..I couldn’t focus on the vehicles testes because of the unique goofiness of the two dudes…

    Rob S

    Wow, it was painful to watch them trying to make the jeep out to be better than the ZR2. Here's a hint, it isn't.

    Siafu -17

    Isuzu vehicross would destroy both of them and it's much older. The jeep is cool though


    Excellent job guys

    tony sloan

    I like the idea of a jeep truck sorta but it was out performed in every aspect by the zr2 minus payload and towing but its a quarter ton pickup like 1% of anyone that buys either truck is gonna ever come close to max payload or towing so, and personally was not impressed with the dragging the bottom over both brakeovers when the zr2 had room to spare, it seems as though both people were payed to talk up the jeep even where it failed or came up short plus a 60k quarter ton for the best model doesn't seem worth it at all your getting a shitty jeep and a shitty quarter ton pickup for me it would not be worth it

    Austin Carter

    I think the gladiator is really cool. It’s the only truck that can give you an open air experience but it’s way to long. The zr2 is hands down my first choice I can take the doors off it is I really want to lol


    The jeep looks like something I would drive in my 20's, but couldn't afford in my 20's. The Zr2 still has the badass factor, but more respectable for the lion's share of the market who can actually afford these trucks.


    JEEP !


    Is it too much to ask for a 2 door gladiator with a shorter wheelbase?


    Colorado is not using the regular tires. So, put some big fat tires on Jeep with spacers.


    Who cares about miner differences. It's a Jeep. Enough said.


    I own a 2dr jeep jk , and Id rather have the ZR2 tbh ..

    lyle recollet

    ZR2 for me. The Gladiator looks good and all. The ZR2 is my choice.

    delta 25wolf

    After the Ford ranger bashing video I cant take Edmund's seriously anymore.


    sorry had a 2010 , threw 2 plugs. Its a Chrysler, POS.The old " real" Jeeps were great, the new ones, JUNK!!


    Wish they had put the lockers to the test… I mean, that's the feature the separates these two rigs from everything else and if you're really in the gunk there is nothing like front and rear lockers. I LOVE Jeeps but am not liking the extra long wheelbase and rear overhang on the Gladiator.


    why would anyone thumbs down this ? good work!

    Imperator Augustus

    The only advantage the Jeep has over the ZR2 is the option to take the roof and doors off. Besides that, the ZR2 wins, hands down.


    I’ll stick with my ZR2!!!

    Joe Brown

    i don't think the height of the bed or the load floor with the seat folded down is a big issue because alot of enthusiasts will lift their vehicle or put on bigger tyres anyways

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