Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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    The JL, AKA Project JLo gets new steering from Steer Smarts including a new track bar, drag link, and tie rod. This Yeti XD stuff from Steer Smarts is super beefy.

    william cordle

    Nice to see you making repair/upgrade videos instead of product reviews great looking product

    Tim Ritchie

    Just mount the swampers,,, you know you want too.


    Well, I noticed the sped up intro lol. Keep up the good work guys!


    That kit looks sweet Matt! Nice job buddy!!

    Tumbledown 30

    You should invest in a “drill doctor”. They work really good for sharpening drill bits. And super easy to use. Everybody has a box of dill or broken bits. Drill doctor makes it easy to sharpen them. How’s THAT for a sales pitch? Hahahaha. I’ve used one a bunch and it works awesome

    The Switz

    Great video! BTW on my new channel I talk about how to buy used tires the right way.

    Honda Man

    The JL steers like shit. Jeep should be ashamed.


    Makes me wonder if tie rod roll is causing some sloppy steering feeling…

    Ewing Fox

    Love it! I have installed that kit for a buddy who was having brutal death wobble. Knocked it flat, super easy to install and combined with a JKS J-Kontrol kit the rig looks and rides very well.

    Gil Meacham

    Great job! Funny that you did this video the day after I broke my drag link connector end on the top of "Where Eagles Dare" and had to go to town for parts. We ended up getting the LJ down off the trail at 2 am.


    weird that crown nuts are not being used on tie rod ends..


    dude, all you need it a dab of the never seize. You released enough of the nanobots to cover the world in a few days!


    How nice would it be for things not to be rusted together…..

    Jim McGahhey

    Wow Matt! You have really stepped up your video editing skills! Love the vid!

    Dan Hambrick

    Nice job Matt.Looks like a nice upgrade…

    Jacked 2 Jeep

    BleepinJeep, you all have some great teaching going on. You have helped me with my rebuild, and now I'm working on my own channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KQKr86d6L8

    Mason Powers

    Make sure you cycle the suspension and turn the wheels in both directions… i found that putting the steering stabilizer on top of the tierod does not fit and will pinch between the steering links … Just food for though… seems like companies are selling relocation kits for the stabilizer because its cool, not because its functional.

    It’s a Bug’s Life

    “ look how big that is” that is huge Matt 🤪

    Dan Fisher

    Get someone to turn the steering wheel a little bit. The Jeep will line it up. Just leave the axle side till the end

    Dan Fisher

    Working at a Jeep shop and working in my driveway, I found disconnecting the sway bar links turning the steering full driver gives you tons of access to the pitman arm

    Andrew Browner

    torque specs?! this aint jeesless NASA.. go until you feel the threads start to strip than a quarter turn back duhhh

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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