Monday, March 27, 2023

Junkyard LS Truck Engine Hunting & Teardown for the Lamborghini Huracan

Main Junkyard LS Truck Engine Hunting & Teardown for the Lamborghini Huracan

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    In todays episode were getting 3 engines! Because thats how many it takes.. Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ My …


    How about the sausage factory for you fuck tards haha 😂

    Raul Menendez

    I feel like the second engine that he is using for a markup he might put in a car in the future
    Edit: I wrote this behind watching the end 😂so i guess he is doing it. 😂

    a a

    row52 tells you what the picknpull, pullapart, etc have. used it in the past and found a k20a2 w/ 6 speed manual for $450 out of an Acura RSX type s

    Vinny Dipshit

    You should definitely put the 53 engine in a mr2 for the next build (if you ever find a mr2 for a cheap price)

    Juan Cantu

    Awesome Brother !

    Randy Huynh

    Why dont you jus use the bad 6.0 as a mockup now?

    Khalid Edros

    Make a tablr out of that block. Lol then do a giveaway

    Khalid Edros

    Another reason, iron block is stronger than the aluminum blocks. Gina be insane

    DOpe aSS

    Don't look at the cam bearings!


    Should have checked out they have tons of junkyards to search for

    Isaiah Fernandez

    Great content

    Stephen Dee

    Time to change the name of the channel to "B is for bought."


    Ma man ! This oil on the floor 😣. Why u don´t use some "oil binding agent".


    Can someone explain to me why the LS engine is better than a lambo engine?

    chipan zee

    You best be on the phone with that scrap yard that sold you that motor….they got some 'splaining to do.

    David Pedder

    The manifold gaskets often leak and the bolts do tend to break off ( Cheep factory bolts ) Buy good quality bolts when you reinstall

    Corner Creek

    The raptor finally has a good engine in it. To bad it’s in the bed, lol

    Joey Graw

    @B is for new garage time?!??!😂


    Random question. How long have you had your Bauer impact driver and how has it treated you?

    Jo O insurance style website search all the local junk yards by zipcodes or price.

    RC Bednei

    Chris you are the man that make dreams come true. I wish for and CTS-V engine for this build. But I know you know best. I’ll be watch every episode!

    Robert Polk it's like kayak for junkyards. Save some time looking for parts.

    Jonathan Corona

    Why is there a mannequin head in the shop😂?


    Buy a new bare LSX 427 block. If tsp is replacing everything you’ll be much better off. 1500hp with decent internals and it’ll still be stout.

    Eric Vasquez

    I would have stayed away from a roll over engine. All the oil flows to the top of the engine leaving the bottom dry! No oil for the oil pump, crank, bearings etc all dry. Good luck man!

    Ravi Jadhwani

    Hey why not just do the engine with the texas guys i would wanna watch how its done

    kaleb partin

    I will not watch another b is for build video until this is done

    Rob Rice

    I have a 6.0 complete that I have been trying to sell in the Seattle area if you need to find another.

    Mo-hammad Abunaser

    Turn bad block into a table and sell it for charity on or just sell it as a table and keep the cash


    I wonder what a lamborghini huracan stick shift would look like

    David Keiper

    Sloppy mechanics youtube just check that channel out. It will open your eyes to the possiblities.

    HobbyGrade RC Studios

    It needs GForce axles for sure!

    Ben White

    I was nearly screaming at the monitor when they were lifting the motor into the truck to check for antifreeze in the oil.

    5 second test would have saved all of that wasted time and expense.

    Schrodingers box channel has a cool video on how to pick a junkyard motor.

    Demnis Fonseca

    I would love to see a resto mod on the camaro something real tasteful after this project.

    jesus lopez

    What are you going to do at 1m subs?

    Jesse Allen

    You've surely redeemed yourself.
    a Chevy engine in a Lambo.. This is a wonderful day!!
    Had me worried after you did a FORD raptor thingy, but now Faith has been restored 👍😎

    Adam Price

    B is for (quite literally)getting in a)) 'branstons pickle' ) (factory) 🏭 🤯

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