Thursday, March 23, 2023

Just When You Thought You've Seen It All…

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    Well we all can agree just when you’ve think you seen it all another Dodge rolls in with a surprise waiting under the hood. Whey this vehicle didn’t just burn to …


    This reminds me of the shop that did the frame-alignment on my 99 Protegé ES 1.8L. It was a $600 low-speed collision car that didn't have the airbags deploy and didn't claim insurance so it was clean titled. I wanted to have the shop straighten the frame that was bent 4 inches to the left and have them weld on the new core support. They agreed on the condition that I let them rebuild the front end of the car completely. I told them I didn't want that, but they insisted and agreed to do everything for $400. I had already spent $400 in parts, and I didn't want them messing it up but I agreed. No other shop would even touch it. When I got it back, everything was in the wrong place. They even managed to run a power steering line under some bracketing and that was pinching it off, so I literally took everything apart and redid it the way Mazda intended. I also redid some damaged wiring (turns out something had chewed through the airbag sensor wire). So now if it wrecks again, boom-airbags. To their credit, they got it straight as an arrow and perfectly realigned. Take your hand off the wheel at 80+ and it's silky smooth. Their welds were also good, even better than the punch welds done at the factory from what I could see.

    Rod X

    I am fortunate, i live in south Texas and dont see very many of the green wires and rust related failures. I am a tech here. I like your vids because you actually do a diagnosis, and not a guess and the parts gun. I absolutely hate the automotive faith healers. I specialize in automotive electrical and electronic diagnostics. I do engine performance and driveability, but much prefer electrical.

    Ian Mackay

    I think Scotty was a little cockeyed tonight.He got five cars in and out,with just hand tools though. You only got one.

    Toan Ho

    money light!! love that name

    Daniel Valdez

    WOW lol

    Edgar Martinez

    Holly 🚬 smokes

    Keith MacDonald

    One reason it didn't light on fire is exhaust gases aren't exactly oxygen-rich.

    Toolman 5862

    I have a 2008 Kia Sportage with po139, there are no vacuum leaks or exhaust leaks, the upstream o2 sensor is reading normally and the downstream reads less than .2 volts most of the time, idle, acceleration, deceleration. The waveform moves between about .02v and .2 volts, is it the o2 sensor or catalyst?

    Rodney Hammon


    Michael Slee

    They inadvertently made an EDM and came so close to getting all the way through.


    Use your metric cresent wrench on the egr tube 🤣🤣🤣 I know u still got it

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Lol good video @southmainautorepairllc

    Duncan Mac

    Lucky that thing didn't burn to the ground.
    Thanks for the video.

    Mike’s ManCave

    I think a pound of solder and some super 88 will fix that right up. Just say'n

    John Kocolowski

    The moral of the story is. When your buddy says he will put your engine in if you supply the beer….that’s the first red flag! Wait until the job is done before you give him the beer…..

    Home Built Workshop

    Dang, Thats crazy.

    Stans lad

    I think the car was trying to commit suicide because the owner doesn't care about it & hasn't cleaned the filthy inside for years!

    Emil Schweickerdt

    Ah thanks for this. Our VW Sharan 1.8T 2006 is idling very high. So now I have an idea what to check for first. Very irritating.

    yea bouy

    Modern Hemi engines are fucking garbage, last in pretty much every category

    ricardo rodriguez

    Eric sir you make look very very very easy smart man keep those videos coming.

    Mr. Whiskers

    And just when you thought you'd seen it all. Along comes a Lambda 4 ft tall!

    Carlton Lane

    Well said Eric

    David Sprocket

    Eric, you may have just saved a building fire and countless lives. Thanks for sharing.

    Corbett Knowles

    Great video and that was a good chuckle

    Aired down and disconnected

    I've been looking for a midsize truck or suv with a V8.
    Whatcha think about the Durango/Dakota's ?

    Rob S

    And somehow the mechanic that did the engine swap is not liable?

    John Doe

    I'm impressed with that wire… made just enough contact to arc and cut through steel tube, but not enough to stick fast and bugger the battery. And how did that insulation not catch fire? So many questions.

    jerome vanderwerff

    Sweet trick, thanks for sharing Eric 🤙🇺🇸


    This actually says a lot for how robust these truck's electrical systems are. If that had been my BMW X5, and the battery cable had gotten out of it's precisely designed plastic holder the rear left window would start going up and down by itself, the steering column would do the same, and the vanity mirror light would start randomly turning on and off. And then it would explode.

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    Cab-forward designs were the worst thing the entire industry ever agreed on.


    Your customers have some filthy vehicles.

    Steven Fuchs

    Un freaking believable!


    👍Thanks for the videos, I’m learning so much, been watching for awhile now, feed my brain more!!!

    tractor man TP

    Do you think the person to put that engineered wood know by running that wire around there that it just didn't look right and that going underneath it would not rub I mean it's just a simple deduction

    Donald Peck

    🤣 Pop goes the weasel

    Charles Chandler

    There are mechanics Then there are people who think they are.

    Blue Moon

    A Dodge with a check engine light on? NO I don't believe that…..Must be a deep fake video 😉

    Dave P.

    Scotty Kilmer has a application! apps in you tube jargon. How will you survive?. Doing what you do is not an answer. Please make sure you have an extra large sweat shirt online so I can order it. Hoodie type. Got the history guys sweat shit, Project farm next, then taryalfixsesall, then SMA. Just saying. Take care.

    Richard Akins

    Now somebody will have to fix what someone else did not fix correctly. How strange is that? Not strange at all. To quote a philosopher whose name I cannot recall, there is very little evil in this world that cannot be accounted for by ignorance. (or words to that effect.)

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