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K Swaps Good or Bad?

Main K Swaps Good or Bad?

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    I suppose this question really depends on context. In case you’re not familiar, a K swap means taking a Honda K series engine and putting it into something that …

    James Palmer

    I think the gearing in the k-series trans is too short. I'd much rather H-swap a car instead and use a trans with taller gears. Part of my attraction to Honda is that they are like Lego sets and parts can easily be swapped between different models from similar generations.

    Jay JanyH

    1. Keep any 15" rims, for older drivers.
    2. Re enforce the rear sub frame with an ASR brace and install a type R rear swaybar, to tighten up the rear end around corners.
    3. 07 Mini Cooper base front brake upgrade or front 02 Accord V6 brackets&calipers/07 Mini Cooper base rotors: Rear 04 rsx non vtec brackets/01 prelude calipers upside down bleeding/03 si rotors, with Type R size PBR/Axis Ult pads and Russel SS brake lines. This works under OEM 15" Mesh (meshie) rims, but not on the 15" Enkei rpf1.
    4. Never ever give a 16 year old a v6 or a v8. Give them a 4 cylinder with an automatic.

    Lasty K

    Only reason I'd throw a K series into a Type-R, is if I had bought the ITR as a shell. Otherwise, I'd keep it all stock.

    As for your GSR.. I'd maybe keep it old school. Find a Comptech Iceman intake for it and that's about it. You already got a DC Sports header on lol. Pretty much the main mods back then. Hard to find the Comptech Icebox for a B Series engine now though.


    How about Stance Suspension or Öhlins? They both can customize to your preference.


    Does anyone have the link for the video where he talks about devaluing a vehicle?

    Daniel Roe

    I agree about not k swapping dc2 type r.thats why I bought a cheap base model cxi ek hatch to do my kswap


    Chances are that type R was a theft recovery and it's much cheaper to k-swap than to get another type R engine. K-swap engines are amazing, BUT their transmissions are not the greatest and the b-series transmission was far superior in terms of reliability.

    Andrew Thompson

    Agree there are some cars that are hard to improve on.


    It's all about spring rate. I have a lowered 240sx, the biggest mistake people do is to just lower the car without resetting the bushings(re-tightening them with the suspension loaded) this greatly increases the felt spring rate as the bushings bind and prevent movement. Also people tend to have the car ride on the bump-stops, which is similar to infinity spring rate. The only issue I would have with stock shocks is the close to infinity travel they have. You will never pick up a tire, but one corner taken right could see you lift the wheel well a hole foot from the tire. Then again like you said. If you just drive it keep it stock.


    Cool ass dad

    Jordan Hernaez

    Throw some function and forms coilovers on the integra. You won’t be disappointed I promise you.

    William Hastings

    Consider how many millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours in engineering and design that culminated in these high performance Honda cars. Straight the factory, they're a near-perfect mechanical ecosystem.

    Sergio Aguirre

    A K series Type R is BETTER than the original. I owned a B18C5 engine and the K20a is superior in every way.
    If your building an NA track beast. your going to go K.
    USDM Type R engine isnt even a real type R Jspec engine anyway. 165whp stock, maybe 185-195whp wiith quality bolt-ons but stuck with a 4.4 fd 5spd
    K20a will make 195ish whp and easily make 230whp with bolt-oms and have a 5.06 fd 6spd
    For a Type R stock will be a 13.9 to 14.4@98 to 101mph and maybe a 13.2-13.4-102-104 with bolt-ons and a good launch/slicks
    The K swap integra will easily be a 12.5 to12.7@107-109 car on slicks with bolt-oms and tune.
    Its such a huge difference performance wise I dont blame the R owner at all.
    Your GNX example is off base….the GNX runs a 350sbc with 2 cyls chopped off and a turbo attached to it……switching from a turbo v6 to an NA v8 is apples and oranges.
    The K20a is a type R engine from Japan.
    So your upgrading from one gen of R motor to the next. Still NA 4cyl to NA 4cyl…still R engine, still Honda….just bigger, stronger and faster.
    FYI with no cut shifters you can reverse the swap are reinstall the original B18C5 that was stock as well for resale purposes maintaining the history of the car and safeguarding the engine from track abuse.
    At the end of the day they were meant to be driven, not become museum pieces. The joy is in the drive, not hard parking.


    Dude, doing a K swap in a type R is like putting an LS in an original Shelby Cobra, sacrilege!

    Automotive Anatomy

    I am going to say yes 👍

    Green Usher

    lowered my 2000 Kia Sportage two inches and it kinda doesn't ride as well… but can sure take corners faster

    Caleb Stallion

    Hondas are like the prostitutes of the car community. Some are cheap and will give you head for 5 bucks, others will give you the best sex of your life. But at the end of the day, they get passed around and messed with by everyone that comes into contact with them. That's why I'm more of a fan of Mercedes and Porsche. You get a great car out of the box and they have great character. You don't have people doing engine swaps, and the top trim level AMG models are taken care of and left in OEM condition. Yeah you might be into hookups at a younger age, but eventually you just want a wife who you'll cherish for the rest of time. Old school mercedes and porches will be considered classics, same can't be said for these 90's hondas.

    xerxes lorenzo

    Coincidently, my Gsr was stolen when I was starting to save for a K swap long ago when mounts were still being developed.
    200hp+ to the wheels is just easier to attain on a k series than the b series.
    Best suspension upgrade for these cars is a larger swaybar. 22mm, like the itr, or larger.

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    I dont think k swaps is a bad idea on the older integras but in civics all day long

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Older hondas and acuras always ride better with stock suspension


    Honda del sol kswap

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Love the older integras and I agree they were one of the most stolen vehicles back in the day

    wobbly sauce

    Like you said, but did you talk to the owner/driver?
    Could have had multiple issues and you are only seeing the final form, just like your Fairmont or Dads truck… a number of people would like to see it as original also.
    Smooth is different then stanced.
    But a K swap is like an LS swap of the 4cyls.

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    I saw a Acura NSX


    "We're getting into classic car territory"

    Seriously, an Integra will be considered a "classic" car someday?

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video Eric


    But the k is the next Gen dc5

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