Monday, March 20, 2023

Kane Creek Moab Easter Jeep Safari Fan Ride. Monkeyball Crawl 2019!!

Main Kane Creek Moab Easter Jeep Safari Fan Ride. Monkeyball Crawl 2019!!

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    Thanks to the fans that waited for us at this year’s Moab Monkeyball Crawl! Sorry to those we missed…we’ll find a better spot to meet next year. We promise.

    Phillip Rathbun

    Neil is my hero.

    Workshop & Wilderness Adventures

    Sketchy Neil, he needs that in a decal. Awesome video, thanks guys.

    Powers Homestead

    Awesome video thanks for sharing! Have you thought of putting a radiator in the rear and run two radiators?

    Zoe XJ

    Shout out to Tim from Randy in California. That XJ is looking good. Great video, bleepinteam!


    Why do rubicons not fully lock up? noticed it on the trail this weekend and a few times in this video.


    Don't know how helpful it would be; but, if I was going, it would be nice to get a GPX File in advance; so, with my Magellan TRX, I would know exactly where to meet. I'm probably speaking Greek to most everyone; but, I really think it's time BleepinJeep and others started using GPX Files, like ALL of the Desert Racing groups out there. You can't have a race course if nobody knows where's the course and a GPX File is just a series of GPS Waypoints that is read by a number of GPS devices. Look into it.

    snag em n tag em

    Wondering if your gonna do a deck of cards with the generations of keeps and maybe put your guys jeeps in there

    Art M

    Neil just killin' it! I wish I could give two thumbs up. Neil deserves one of his own!

    alan jackson

    Yay! I didn't end up on the cutting room floor!

    Nuttin Bedder2do

    I grew up in Keokuk county Iowa and always enjoy people's reaction to the name, Keokuk. Tyler your ancestors might have ties to Nauvoo Illinios just up the Mississippi river from Keokuk Iowa.


    Neil’s xj on stock tierod???

    Brad Jensen

    Hope my project well be ready for next year

    Patriot III Tinman

    Old CJ owners know how to two foot.

    Patriot III Tinman

    Fashionably late is no longer tolerated.

    Another YouTuber

    sketchy neil jeep walkaround! lets see mods

    Jerome Solderits

    11:00 🤕🙊🙈

    Tumbledown 30

    I think matt could solve his overheating issues by mounting a full size radiator on the ducks tail, and plumb hard lines to the back. Then run a monster electric fan. Should stay plenty cool like that.

    Daniel M

    Great video! I need to make it next year!

    It’s a Bug’s Life

    What I would do to be a part of that trail ride with y’all! ❤️ Amazing Jeeps with ‘the funny guys!’

    Love Sketchy Neil’s style of XJ Livin’! And hanging tough with all y’all!

    The stress of Success- wrong creek. Oops 🤣❤️🐞

    Jonaathan Simons

    27:08  —Because I can….

    Black Rick Sanchez

    intro is awesome🔥💪🏿

    steve white

    First ever YouTube comment. We were part of the fan ride minus Matt. We were in the tan Comanche that led the group from the other trailhead. The 5 of us had a great time but we were missing Matt. We missed you on the Rubicon last year by 2 weeks too. We are doing that again this year in August and will be at Sand Hollow in Oct. We are on the vet run and the lite brite run.

    Larry Alexander

    You guys should help the sketchy neil from nc with the Cherokee with a Aussie locker or same type . One in the rear would help him greatly.

    Ante Zrnich

    What's your opinion on the whole Jeep lawsuit bs? Obviously my opinion is it's bs 😂 I think soccer mom's and desk dad's that refuse to do things on their own and has to have everything told to them or done for them are gonna ruin the wranglers forever. If they just did some research before or even after buying the vehicle, none of this would be going on. By this point, the information has been out there long enough that if you don't know, it's you're own fault. Wranglers have solid axels, and solid axels can cause tire vibration at high speeds if a steering stabilizer isn't installed, which from the factory there isn't, so if you put one on, the vibration issue goes away until the stabilizer needs to be replaced. I think it's hilarious that people are getting ripped off by the dealerships repeatedly because they believe the dealership when they say it's the bushings that go bad, just do some research on your own people!!!

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