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Kia's Middle-Child Mid-Size Sedan | 2021 Kia K5

Main Kia's Middle-Child Mid-Size Sedan | 2021 Kia K5

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    For reasons that cannot be explained, Kia is doubling down on mid-sized sedans. For 2021 we’ll have the RWD/AWD Stinger, the FWD/AWD K5 and the FWD …

    J, Williams

    The fact we wont get a 2.5 liter AWD is so disappointing. Why not? it could be great with that much power and AWD. FWD is just so boring now. Still im excited for the K5, Optima is just so dated.


    Looks like the Honda accord

    Daniel Hernandez

    I absolutely love this!!! I think the one thing that would make this car perfect is to just give us a larger multi-function display. 7 inches is the sweet spot! Then maybe add a PHEV to the mix!

    AJ Jay

    Love your video!
    I really do wish for a hybrid version & AWD option…

    USMC 1div.RECON



    No dash cam built in like Korean model… 👎👎 no dials gear knob… Analog cluster? No cool


    I have zero issue with fake exhaust if they're done tastefully


    I wish we had info about the Canadian line up. It seems to me Kia really changes things up for Canada. I'd love to see standard AWD for Canada


    Damn fast retracting sunroof shade!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sean Frederick

    Stinger then.


    I like the new 3 camera viewing angles while you are driving; this makes your video stand out and be unique. I like that your reviews are comprehensive and you mention about baby car seats and trunk practicality.

    Sergio Martinez

    Awesome review as always, Alex.

    Anton Zhloba

    Ehh.. I'd just get Jetta.. more reliable, more comfortable better handling, better mpg


    Not only the K5, but also the latest cars with electronic gears such as Hyundai, Kia and Genesis have to be tested on their own, but they are being tested on their own consumers. But what's important is that there's no problem, no recall, and they don't fix it properly. Everything is consumer responsibility… Then shamelessly, they export to the U.S., Europe, etc. as if there is no problem. Hyundai-Kia Motors is a Korean company that I live in, but its quality is not as good as that of Chinese cars despite its improved design.Ignore communication with customers. The Korean lemon method is made of only skin and is fake. It's an export-oriented company, so I don't know if it's going to be good, but I hope foreign consumers know how Hyundai-Kia treats its people and how it produces them. Wouldn't it be the same export type to kick and watch YouTube and assemble it?

    Eric P

    Ohh that "heartbeat" accent light is sooooo sexy

    Tamim Ahmed

    They're gonna change the name of the Cadenza to the K7.


    THEY KEEP MAKING THEM BIGGER!!! When will it stop? I cannot believe its bigger than the Stinger!! What happened to MID-size?


    :32 The previous OPtima was still a refresh from a 2011 model, you can literally swap the doors/glass, and i remember when cars did a full refresh every 4 years, so I dont see how its "only" been 5 years since they did a refresh.

    Tinh in nh

    looks fugly

    Shahwira Shahwira

    Korean car popular bcause everybody want to be k-POP with a little bit gangnam style….


    Faux exhaust will not change .. not enough people will complain to get it changed.. plus it will burn those bumpers


    Love your videos. Keep cranking out the content!

    Eric Ryan

    Damn, that “cargo slot” has a name Alex…how rude.

    Eric Ryan

    Alex…don’t tell everyone that was 5 inches…I tell my wife that’s 12 inches all the time, don’t ruin the facade for me!

    Pavel Grachev

    This is an Audi A7:)

    Robert Smith

    Engine recall anyone?

    Rof Lhard

    Looks like a Peugeot 506

    John Sadler

    On my second Kia. First one I owned for 10 years and cost me nothing by way of repairs. I just cannot complain


    If someone told me a year ago that I'd be seriously considering getting a new KIA in 2020, I would have offered them cab fare to the nearest mental institution…

    Enter K5…Who's nuts now?


    everything looks great, but the shifter!

    Scott Ganz

    Slightly off topic, but how do you find these amazing roads that aren’t clogged to the gills with cyclists?

    brendan meyler

    A fwd 2.5L turbo sounds like a whole lot of tire squeal and torque steer. Imo they should offer it.


    I love that slick " while fuel economy hasnt always been Kia's Forte" line lol

    Joyce Galaura

    Let’s just hope all models of the Kia K5 have all wheel drive in Canada even the 2 1/2 L four-cylinder engine model

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