Tuesday, March 21, 2023

KOENIGSEGG JESKO – Ready to fight Bugatti Chiron

Main KOENIGSEGG JESKO – Ready to fight Bugatti Chiron

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    The Koenigsegg Jesko is powered by a newly designed, 1280 horsepower (1600hp on E85), twin-turbocharged V8 engine that benefits from significant changes …

    Titanic Master

    Be gOne buGAtti

    Iz Mraz

    Folks, forget about bugatti pugani paparozi mamarozi paparazzi all thattttt! Agera is the KING. ALWAYS.

    bogart pogi

    Aston Martin arb 3!

    Bruno Cooleds

    Um dos melhores canal do YouTube (na minha opinião) que traz conteudos sobre carros e lançamentos

    DaviD Adam

    Bing 👒😅✌


    so basically it's Regera isn't it?




    This is going to the Bugatti Chiron Sport


    Is it ready to fight the new Bugatti la voiture noire that is many timea better looking to.

    Nifty Willy

    sick car

    dato gadelia

    does it have camless engine?

    Eudald Guell

    And never will pass 20 km.h in parking. Only speculation

    Gabriel Regueiro

    Amazing CAR … yes it is … but ready to fight with bugatti ???? Mmm im not sure … bugatti is not only a súper fast CAR …. it is mythical.. is more than a simply super fast CAR … is “ opera” is “ artwork”

    _ SupercarstD10

    62km/h more than chi…r….

    Ved Prakash Sahu

    How is it ready to beat Chiron when both Jesko and it's Predecessor have already beaten it by a great margin? Please work on your titles

    abdulqadir muhtadi

    Chiron cant even beat agera rs lol

    Angel Valentin

    Woooooooow q maqui on 👍🏻❤️

    Gabriele Monteleone

    The rear is ugly af, like in the McLaren Senna

    Marislei Vazzoler


    yogi ananda

    No Chiron, but Divo

    abdlum monen

    Rivalry get heated

    Janu Jaan

    Car ki price kya hai bhai

    Florin Honceriu

    Bugatti beat Koenisegg anytime/anywhere !!!!!!


    Ждём рекорда скорости.

    Scotty Svensson

    Chiron? 🤔

    Jack Dolah

    I'm gonna wait for the new legendary PAGANI

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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