Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lamborghini Aventador LOUD Exhaust Install!

Main Lamborghini Aventador LOUD Exhaust Install!

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    Hope this video helps any other Aventador owners out there trying to do this by themselves because I couldn’t find any DIY’s for this anywhere! Thanks to …

    David Nolasco

    34 mins whuuuuu 🤯

    Lord Grim Senpai

    I think The Stradman's Aventador sounds a lot better plus it spits flames up to 12 inch.✌

    Chad Pillay

    Rev battle vs Ferrari! Rematch!😄

    tukmol lebron james

    Another gay tj

    Vadim blyat

    Do a twins turbo

    Hannah Whitehead

    Camera lens needs some cleaning….

    Daniel Casset

    Why you talking so fast bro ahahahahah


    Imagine getting it impounded before the video even went live😂😭😭 couldn’t believe it when I figured it out


    I like the brz


    I'm starting to get a strong feeling of stradman in you and I'm starting to loose interest 😭😭. Which sucks.

    Mr Nguyen

    Love what you guys are doing! And i'm Happy for you! wish you guys where local i would drop by and say hi!

    GT5EA Beast

    Yo @23:12 anyone else see the brand he's reppin🤣🤘 it's dope

    Sandra Mirelez

    Sounds bad ass.. time for the flame tune from that place that did DDE's exhaust

    Honest Fellow

    Eat, sleep, buy a car, put exhaust in, make wide, sell, repeat…. your life sucks haha

    Lord Farquaad

    Calvin is just the guy that tests things now lol want me to do it

    Josh Nichter

    You know theres a T in aventador, right? "Avenador" 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Rs Bebo


    BMW Royal

    24:32 never felt so betrayed


    Imagine owning an aventador and struggling with hand tools cause you don’t have power tools 😴

    BMW Royal

    14:40 love they clam to be showing us but there not even explaining what they are doing. This is clearly not a tutorial

    BMW Royal

    So cool that tj is wearing adamlz merch in his videos, shows a level of respect. Most youtubers wouldn’t do this

    simon cabral

    I hear the difference when it’s in sport. TOOO FIRE 🔥


    Love DIY this is what I would like to see more on car channels.


    Go to 24:25 to hear the exhaust

    Rashid Muse

    doctor doin "PLastic Surgery"

    Will Broome



    Don’t make it any louder, it sounds good and isn’t annoying

    Austin Greene

    @7:10 cocaine is a helluva drug

    Alexander Grullon

    2020 tj makes his own library walk wide body kit for the Lamborghini and throws turbos


    10:57 HAHAH

    Eddie Brown

    this is my first time watching in a while, r u still dating sabrina

    Andre Koorts

    Tj rocket bunny body kit maby ? 😀


    Its a one million out of ten. Now that's an endorsement lamborghini would love. Great stuff TJ!!

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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