Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

Main Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

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    Z N

    333 km/h – just insane!

    Sound of engine reminds F1 bollid.

    Philippe Beinaerts

    I wanted to dislike this video because of the BOTB advertising, the gold wheels etc… But seriously, Max puts you behind the wheel like no one else! Great video, fantastic car

    Rudra Choksi

    Really nice explanation

    CK Cuber and LEGO designer

    It looks soo aggressive

    CK Cuber and LEGO designer

    I looooooove the golden tyres

    Sujan Gaming Nepal

    Nice car bro and nice video bro


    *HE*: Flies 300 km/h
    *Camera*: Lefts the chat


    what do you mean this car is so fast ? YOU PAY TOO MUCH TO BE FAST

    Manan Chaudhari

    Brad pitt at start but after roof open 334km/h, vin diesel

    Supercars in Greece

    EVO is so stunning!!!
    Looks and sounds insane!!!

    Jean Maurice

    Vidéo start at 2:17 🙂

    king xsupreme

    Thank you

    Shkelqim Hasani

    Kudos to your passenger that said go faster when you were driving 300km/h

    Nikolaos Balatos

    Show us a Ferrari guys✌️, nice video ❤️

    Manoj Kumar

    It was really cool man I love to do !!!!

    Mr. Knowledge

    When Max talks about his height it feels like he is Shaquile O neal size


    Being a tall man I would be interested to know if you could actually fit in the car with the roof up? Great film btw!

    Ioan Liviu Zavate

    "How fast is this Lamborghini?"

    ATKL 2617

    can't wait for the day when AutoTopNL gets to review hypercars (◠‿◕)


    i forgott… red brake calipers make -20ps but a jet-cover-start button isssss sooooo cool meeen

    Henrik Duff

    You want a passenger for s ride or?👀👀

    Frane Babic

    Man…I know that road by hearth.

    Ion Zaharia

    You are the luckiest man in the world !

    Jose Silva


    Bhagyashri Jadhav


    Anonymous 3002

    Is this berlin city?

    Gaurav Malhotra

    I love watching things I can't afford

    Anurag Gautam

    this car is much more italian than the regular huracan

    alexander rondon

    evo spyder vs performante spyder


    Brutal sound, amazing car. 👌👍

    Radek Pasečný

    If it generates 500% more downforce it has to be also much slower… 😉

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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