Thursday, March 23, 2023

Lamborghini Huracan is Back from Paint with New Wheels

Main Lamborghini Huracan is Back from Paint with New Wheels

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    In todays episode the Huracan is back from paint and getting new wheels! Get 20% off your first order of Morning Recovery by clicking here …


    You should bye a eye patch

    Amin Croes

    Paint the wheels (rims) black

    Syed Wajid Vlogs

    You need to see a retinal specialist. I had the same pain and found out that my retina was detaching.

    Elling Nakken

    "Healty nightlife" …..

    Dani over

    I thought you were going to totally repaint it a new colour. I nearly didn't click on the video because I thought it was just a random lambo video.

    Joshua Kurian

    The wheels aren't suiting !!!

    Patrick petosky

    Aww huge miss with the rims and tires, should of went black and a concave combo.

    Ged gedk

    wtf did i just watch? another waste of my time and unsubbed…. Sam crac is doing shit like this as well.

    ryzo mcgregor

    $9 a gallon this side of the pond and thankfully as long as keep my foot off the loud pedal I can get 20 mpg


    So I'm not the only one who thinks the wheels are tacky.. OEM ones were perfect.

    L!C Videos

    Better go for Black or Gun Metal wheel , it’s will be sick look.

    Sanat N

    Great video man

    Reece Southern

    wheres the lambo sine

    Edward Ongeso

    Loooove the sound of that raptor idling

    Ace Space


    Goni Tee

    Love the channel But this lambo build is Straight Trash
    I hope you figure things out

    T Rantz

    Chains the trailer wheels like a bicycle. 😅

    G35x Nation

    Amazing paint job but why is the vent panel behind the driver side door off by alot? (Not trying to hate)

    Stefan A.H.

    Hey i got a better idea to feel good in the morning. Dont drink!

    Tester Hamsticle

    Haha when a hangover cure company chooses you for their sponsership!!

    Chip Is Awesome

    Are the rims in the back smaller than the ones in the front? Might just be me


    This color on the lambo just looks awesome!! One of my favorite colors! I advise having the rims painted mat black, would give it a more stealthy look!

    Ville Lipponen

    I think the original paint has more yellow hue to it. But anyway pretty good match. Not noticeable difference. On the video i wouldn't even notice if didn't know it was resprayed. I paint with DuPont, and i have an ocd with paints. Sometimes i paint like 20 test strips, if i need to. to make it really match. Best way to compare test strips to car is buff some curvy area of the car, and then put the test strip against that curvy area in sunlight, you can use little piece of masking tape on the each end to attach it and then you can see it from different angles. I know these multi stage paints take so much time to paint, so even painting the test strips would take some time. And there is so many variables so it's hard to match.

    Thomas Anderson

    Rear right quarter panel in OEM color is a bit yellowy to my eyes.
    Front wheels should be 19" and rear wheels should be 20". That might explain why front wheel looks small. And if it is a 4WD then all four wheels are 20".

    Todd Kleinert

    Lambo looks beautiful! Amazing work!

    Tiff Cat

    2:50 to skip all the bullshit


    this dudes on coke lmao


    the original wheels are way better…and as for the paint match…The camera shows the door being a different shade….maybe in person you cannot see it?

    Travelpic Nomad

    Awsome beautiful car and colour and new rims(wheels). The trip looks very nice enjoy. Please make a sound clip available of the Lambo engine.

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