Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X P100D 0-240km/h ACCELERATION & AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL

Main Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X P100D 0-240km/h ACCELERATION & AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL

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    Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X P100D 0-240km/h ACCELERATION & AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content!

    Bart Smit

    Onverantwoord op een twee baansweg👎👎

    * Koyayu


    Andrew Coumans

    Am i the only one who thinks tht tht tesla's acceleration from 62 till like 140mph was very impressive…


    Tesla model X v.s Lamborghini suv is more like Microwave v.s a Gas stove top.
    Just like a Microwave, you get instant easy cooking and much Microwave you cannot do everything in a Tesla. Lamborghini is much more slow and gradual power that goes thru rpm and gears to the tires shows up on your gauge. Tesla is 0-200 real quick


    So fake. Its not a P its a 60D or a 75D in the movie at the display and by the battery a full 100D is 550km at the movie is it not even 400, and a Tesla p100d is 0-100 in 3,1 sec urus 0-100 in 3,6 sec. Tesla is faster, see info specs below the movie, so fake


    I’d rather drive the lambo I don’t give a shit which is faster….

    Storm-Traders Born To Be Champions

    Impressive, still funny that a bulky slurpy v8 is needed to keep up with the tesla. This wasn’t even the fastest tesla. I drove the ludicrous one. 0-100km/h in 2.4sec

    The Future Sound Of Egypt

    This Urus is a heavy monster

    Juul van Hooijdonk

    But did he select the not i want my mommie button or the yes bring it on button?

    Robin Chłód

    Urus ever!!!!.🖤


    tesla 😂😂😂

    Alex EPro Æ

    Bruh thats a tesla model s 90d not a model x p100d tesla model x is faster then a urus what a clickbait
    And you can tell it is clickbait by the thumbnail. I mean. It looks different from places where the cars are

    Kristoffer Chong

    That’s the non ludicrous P100D

    Max Power

    Finally something that can woop the teslas ass

    Miguel Santiago

    This is crazy, I would never go above 200km/h in a car outside a track, and he is doing with a SUV

    craig barber


    MR JON

    Tesla quality is worse than any Honda!

    Nguyen Duong

    Having a gas engine and a big chassis but still beat electric bois ❤️

    Moises Sequera

    Urus ready for for lotta more laps and action, then few secs on the gas station, the Tesla two hours on the charger before another try. 😂

    Moises Sequera

    Gosh that Tesla is so fucking ugly. Actually looks like a badly made Urus. 😂


    Okay the Lambo's dash is just odd. Like another said. It looks like it's out of an arcade game


    somehow the tesla doesnt look that impressive

    Advocatus Diaboli

    Lol, Tesla trying to accelerate beyond 235 kph but the stupid electric is already running into heat issues.
    Not a good car for the autobahn.

    Mário Amaro

    Urus SCARY😧

    Rafael Cabral

    Ainda não confio nessa merda elétrica… não sei, parece que vai dar pau a qualquer hora…


    GEISTESGEGENWÄRTIG Dass ist keine abgesperrte Straße gewesen!!!
    So was Gehört bestraft!!
    Wer kann mir dass Gegenteil beweisen dass man mit 300km noch Überlebensfähig ist nach einem Unfall vor allem wenn dess Beteiligte Fahrzeug ein älterer klein Wagen ist ?!?!?.


    At the channel of your colleagues of CarWoW, the Tesla destroys the Urus?!! How can it be so different here?

    Use your Brain

    The 'Urus' is one of the most senseless and ugliest cars on the planet.

    Filipe Silva

    Tesla sounds like…. Nothing
    Urus sounds like a fantastic car

    Lorenzo Dè Medici

    Tesla isnt a car … electro shit

    Fabinho Rossi

    Faz um teste com o novo JETTA GLI 2020. 👊😎

    Der Banger

    now campare their longterm cost you scam

    Roni Buck

    Cops should use urus

    Morris Brix

    Urus Is A recycle-bin

    александр Тимохин

    Водила задрот.

    Eray2002koca123 Eray2002koca123

    0:53 i se tesla photo

    Rik Austin

    Ludicrous mode not on?


    Urus is for wankers and posers..Tesla is for gentlemen..

    Marc lang

    That Tesla is bloody noisy for an EV!

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