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    Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Seth Donahue

    the pure joy Courtney got when you gave her that keychain is how you know she’s a keeper and straight up wifie material. It’s the little things like that in relationships that build a strong, long lasting relationship.



    Reckless Motorsports

    Should of painted the door handles on the evo white

    Tom Wilton

    Courtney should get a jeep and a wrecked tesla and you could use the motor and self drive system in the jeep. That would be sick👍👍👍

    Hannes quill

    When you are racing thomas, be careful that he doesnt mess with your boost like he did to lz!

    rafael maciel


    Jay Kilo


    North TJH

    Love the banter you and Carlos have😂😂

    Brandon Tucker

    Get her a Jeep and do a off road build

    Alex Stava

    "I didn't want to spend another 6 bucks" – spends thousands on shit

    Grant Young

    rodnock talking about airride makes me cringe a little lol

    Patrick Cleburn

    That massage chair has a place for your arms and hands to go in and it massages them as well.


    RB26 FOR LIFE!!!


    SR20 for sure


    16 year old rudnik would go that low just sayin 🤷‍♂️lol


    had me whipping my screen at the beginning. lol


    None of those engines are for me. I am a rotary boy

    dennis justice


    Bryce Holloway

    I've watched like 2 of your videos and have never finished one. Your fucking obnoxious bro fake as shit. It's like personality disorder with spit flying out your mouth. Wtf.

    Xavier Rodriguez

    Supra with sr swap?? Why not Chris

    R A

    I'm all for a 24/7 autozone. We need one I'm Vegas. We already have 24 hour everything


    2J – RB – SR

    gatiyo lugo

    I always wait until Carlos says “go f*ck yourself “ and laugh

    B My5teriou5

    Wait. So you have an older brother who can’t watch your videos because you swear? That seems kinda bassackwards.

    Kanaan Lee

    Get courtney a xj and paint it mint. Maybe slam it on tarmacs daily it too

    jdm velaz

    There’s a 24/7 Autozone in Orlando

    Adam Petrower Seda

    Hands down RB26 and SR20

    Colton Simon

    Tesla all day

    Colton Simon

    Rb an 2j are almost the same

    shh_ Ramosjose1208

    What happened with will?

    Remington Pickett

    2j all the way

    Armando Narvaez

    Damn you really need to do your drive way bruh

    Chad Kennedy

    Chris knocked 15 bucks off the rent for marcus.

    John Diehl

    Boostedboies would rock your world

    John Diehl

    You say 600 how fast till he blows this one up

    george bercharlie

    throw some heavier weight hks oil in that gtr you dont wanna blow her up again florida is hotter so the higher viscosity is needed

    Sweet Tee

    That's how the original ricer Miata was silly you drove like that all the time

    Yung Bitta

    I’m tell you something Chris you don’t want to buy Courtney a wrangler that runs bc the have a bs fiat motor in them there not worth 60gs or whatever the fuck people people want for the 2010 to 19 fiat motors in them are junk get a blown up one for Courtney and hell cat or hemi swop the Jeep sense you have a shop

    that ek dude

    I appreciate all horsepower but jz's are seriously over rated in my opinion.

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