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    Motion Auto invented me to a drift event in colorado. Should I go..? Treadstones website! Wanna follow me?

    muddin bros

    Sadly after 4 years I'm starting to not watch… Rip haggard memories


    a set of 42lb injectors and you can run all te E you want $300 texas speed or buy some used CTS-V injectors $200-$250

    Trevor K

    Decap the stock injectors, 70-80lb for free

    Kevin Losas

    You can register your cars license plate online for Sun Pass!

    Math D.

    Colorado sounds great! A potential for a lot of great content!

    Alura Jenson

    Lemme drive da boat

    VaughnLive Misc

    I love e36 my last e36 the new owner put $200k in to it built a full race car and won some championship beating $500k Porsches.

    logans life

    I met you at PBIR with my dad and mom and you forgot you phone on the trailer wheel arch and you showed me you car

    Internal Combustion

    learn how to put it on the hoise…. but no that aint ruddy

    Jaxson Brown



    U need some more rpf1s

    Will Verhappen

    13:02 that rim looks a little bent should probably cover it with some rpf1s and slam it

    Chriss Flitcroft

    Nah save your money


    stock ls3 injectors can handel FBO Heads Cam E85.


    I was waiting for the day you went with a fuel cell in the car. I think it will help a ton. Looking forward for more drift car content!


    Dude put in a driveway

    Ex Gremory

    Trc channel baby

    KC Karns

    Those wood grain oakley's are sick bruh

    Chad Scogins

    Go to Colorado

    Shogenninja S

    come review my shit box neon, I live in colorado and id be down to let you drive it. its a 2.0l non turbo 134 hp but its pretty dang fun to drive. if not its cool man! been a huge fan of the channel

    Derick Sanchez

    You should go

    john rice

    "starts up like a kitten"

    robert moncree

    dont go so you can have money lefet you need money for bills and stuff

    mikeyboost4 life

    I haven't said anything yet for the last two or three videos but what is that other blue Miata in his garage I want to know so bad

    Blaine Pearson

    How’s going to the gym everyday working


    So where are you gonna put your spare RPF1s now huh chris?!?!

    BP 34

    please go to colorado


    o its rpf1 man

    Danny Hall


    wish bone

    CAREFUL on HEALTH..always wash up after a hard days work!

    Deezy Jay

    Colorado trip content fuck yeah all the way from Australia we do wot we gotta do for the JUNK fan club luv yor work Rudnik

    James Briggs

    You better be at PPIR in Colorado. I'll be there.

    Alley Builds

    100% you should go!! you will regret it more if you don't go and everyone else is having a fun time and your not.

    Peter Balotti

    So us Honda guys wanna know where the civic is…

    mini monsters

    We think you shound not go and spend that money on different wheels for the evo! Good ones this time!!


    How about that diet Rudnik?

    mark petrosky

    Your going too need a fire wall separating you from the trunk

    Jayo Sr20

    See if okley sponsors you and make a rudnik pair id buy them

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