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Leroy the Savage at World Cup Finals 2019!!! **EXTREME Bald Eagles ALERT**

Main Leroy the Savage at World Cup Finals 2019!!! **EXTREME Bald Eagles ALERT**

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    ‘McFarland Racing’ Merch! – LEERRRRROYYYYYY THE SAVAGE takes on World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2019!

    Cleetus McFarland

    For those of you who waited out for our video, I sincerely thank you 🙏 ❤️ with so many people uploading at the same event i simply can’t post before everyone. Wanted to make the vid a good one, hope you guys enjoy!

    Sir Gerbain

    I fucking cried at that 7.8 pass


    28:37 That's bogging deep for sure! Cleetus is a committed man! 😀

    ian smith

    Cletus driving after getting the 7.8 slip is an advertisement for not driving when you're losing your shit 😂


    19:27 I'm still in shock that that water bottle didn't just go flying out on that pass


    19:29 How the hell did that water bottle stay on the car. :O:


    Garret you bloody savage!! That was mental!!

    MOPAR 300

    I have watch since Leroy was an infant. Man he has came a long way!!! Good job guys!

    GJ Shaw

    Thanks for the video.
    Congrats on the win and pb.
    Leroy world cup 2020 winner.

    Adrian R

    Grats on the Stick Shift Win guys.
    After watching that last run from in the car, it's easy to see .3 to .5 sec being lost in shifting gears, as apposed to the GTR being an auto, But it just wouldn't be Leroy if he wasn't stick shift.

    Aero is another thing killer you guys. Leroy needs SOME aero in the front, MPH will go up with some aero.
    Again, grats on the Stick Shift class win guys, great run in that other class, even if it was a loss.
    Bring on next event.

    1994Suzuki Fan

    Not the water bottle 19:30 oof


    I don't understand the fun in racing an auto. gtr only won off of the shift times, money and reaction time is the only thing limiting speed.

    alex leal

    Most purtiessstttt BALD EAGLE'S I done ever heard keep it going boyssss

    Joshua Wiest

    you saw that water bottle lmao i can't 19:26

    Forrest McGuire

    dude im at work in my office jumpin up screamin YEAH HELL YEAH BROTHER haha great to see you win man.

    Charming nowhere to hide

    I love when he makes a good pass because he looks like my one cat trying to attack me

    Justin Armstrong

    Leroy the SAVAGE is a beast!!! Keep feeding those bald eagles Cletus & make them scream freedom


    19:25 I thought that water bottle ended up on the track

    Kristofer Dial

    Bro the bottle of water was holding on for dear life 19:40

    Juancho Biggz

    Smart water is the fastest water in the world just like the ruffle chips 🤙


    congrats on the Win ! GO them Bald Eagles !


    What would Leroy do with Ruby’s trans and converter.

    Jeff Flanagan

    That GTR race was awesome!!!


    AERODYNAMICS. bet you would drop tons of et.


    Great race ! Great driving !!!!

    Zolen Boogaerts

    Dude, the ride along footage on the 7.80 Minion pass sounds like 3rd gear is SAVAGE.

    Benjamin Ramos

    He finally broke the 8 second curse


    That Q4 pass with so HYPE!!

    Bryan Goins

    nice job brother

    BDR Racing Development

    youll be running 6's before you know it!

    Pj Loughlin

    the water bottle


    transmission shift speed is what lost it… but awesome runs!

    Mad Mechanix

    So awesome a win is a win even if ya only DID THE BEST YOU COULD AND GOT EDGED you rock one for us out here in the fields giving us working man hopes and dreams

    Brent Hanna

    Let’s get that world record back!!!


    Man, the joy this guys get when racing is contagious, keep it up and do it for Dale and congratulation on the 7.70s!

    SAGE Gaming

    Why dont you guys just go to a bigger tire

    Anonymous A

    You should go to a 2 step battle with Leroy

    Aaron Witchey

    Well, guess that water is pretty smart! I really like how James always has all the useful info.

    Donald Piercy

    Good job you got it

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