Saturday, March 25, 2023

LEROY vs. Mike Finnegan's "BLASPHEMI" 2,500hp Stick Shift BATTLE!!! Leroy Was Surprised…

Main LEROY vs. Mike Finnegan's "BLASPHEMI" 2,500hp Stick Shift BATTLE!!! Leroy Was Surprised…

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    Cleetus McFarland

    Y'all know the deal!!!! Visit to get your Starter Set from Harry's for $3 bucks!!

    John Simons

    Great content, the vibe with Finnegan is awesome. Like rollin with the Boosted Boiz. Such fun to see you guys having a blast. Looking forward for more collabs with Finnegan. Thanks for giving us this content during this crazy year Brother. God bless y'all and greetings from Holland


    these cleetus/finnegan collaboration s are my favorite things on all of YouTube!! Brothers from another mother.


    — Definitely a funner video with funner folks❗️

    matt hill

    Should have launched it in 2nd

    Brock F

    jesus Cleater how many cuts did you need for that intro Harry's pitch? rofl!


    Been in the towing industry for the better part of 18 years. This "towing race" sounds interesting… I believe it should be a race of skill and brute strength. How fast can each driver load a vehicle for transport? Then how fast can they get down the strip Loaded with the vehicles? And unloaded of course.

    Chuck Rose

    Great sponsor for you there Cleet and crew- Harry’s is legit

    dat green koolaid

    I used to watch roadkill

    Imagine A World

    I am here to say, no joke, I have been using harrys for a few years and it is legit. I reccomend this razor hahaha.
    My facial hair is super course and my face is really oily, so trust me.. its cheap af too. Just try it.


    "Long Legs Leroy" couldn't get out of 2nd! I bang 4th right at the 660 mark!

    Jure Irt

    u should use harrys


    Gotta pick a little. When Cleetus red lit, it was "Leroy red lit". When Finnegan did it, it was "Finn red lit". Who's getting the blame? The car or driver? lol


    Pls do again on a proper track and the full 1/4 mile!

    svt ford

    Brother you got to do the Wolverine beard


    Drifting competition?


    That dude with the ZZ Top beard though

    Speedy 717

    Ramp truck race both carry the main car finn basthemi and cleetus carry leroy

    Jay Nix

    My wife said she loves my Harry's razors. I'm glad bc the only men without a beard should be a woMen👍

    Erik Simca

    that track is known to wreck cars because its just sketchy! its either the guardrail or a tree if you lose it…..

    Joshua Gibson

    660 is shorthand for PUSSY! 1320 is drag racing. 660 is a waste.

    Mathew Skaggs

    Spencer really grew on me this episode. It shows he doesn’t have to be the center of attention every time he is around. You don’t want to change the flavor but it’s nice to have a little spice.


    Watching the backend of Leroy dancing down track. This is NOT the place to take Him !!!!

    Robert Silva

    Cleetus knows all about clean shaving. Just cant see it with the pants on. Lol. Jk jk

    F For Freedom

    Damn,15 minutes is way too short for this kind of videos,but they're amazing brother !

    Ron Burgundy

    Dang it, paradise is only about 15 minutes from my house. Its not a very good track btw 🤣

    No Lag Productions

    Damn, you were 30 minutes north of me at the track I race at

    Jay Allison

    Great combo 🤘😎🤘

    Kyle Windle

    Man I love these guys best duo ever

    Ryan M

    How is this hairy giraffe doing a Harry’s ad? Lol


    While paradise is an awesome historical venue, I had trouble putting power down with a H/C/I LS1 Trans Am, track prep was never ideal but it's still an awesome mom and pop track!


    Could we build a noprep car?

    Bolivar 27 Am

    Why don't he put wider wheels at the rear to avoid spinning?

    Al Coholic

    Harry's all the way

    Formula1 Fan

    Flatbed build is on.

    Glenn Knai

    lol talking about razors with that beard.


    That 55 is fucking brutal I love it 🥰

    Red Dirt Rhodes

    Cleet, Fin, and Brent. Triple threat.


    Is spicy Spence finnegan and newbern’s son?

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