Friday, March 24, 2023

Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets Torn Apart… McFarland Transmissions at your Service!

Main Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets Torn Apart… McFarland Transmissions at your Service!

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    Let’s see if we can do this ourselves for once! RESTOCKED Cleetus Merch! – NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates: Aug 24th Houston …

    Daniel Brealey

    @20:43– i HOPE you didn't use epoxy to seal the case to the front plate. I HOPE you meant silicone or the next person who tries to pull this appart will curse you guys… 😅😅😅

    Daniel Brealey

    @18:19– of coarse there's press tools for that, James… They come in different sizes for removing things from different sized shafts. You guys prob call them something different to us Down Under, but they are basically two plates with threaded holes on the ends for all thread or specific bolts for the tool and have semi circular holes machined into each plate that when pushed together make an oval shape with a tapered edge so it can get into thin spaces to remove bearings off shafts. Just never place the tool in a manner where the bolts or all thread take the load, turn the tool 90 deg so that the load is placed across the plates of the press tool. I'm amazed you guys have a press but don't have a selection of these for different sized shafts. We use them a lot in the workshop for all sorts of things like what you guys did, or to remove axle bearings off axles from solid rear end cars, some front wheel drive wheel bearings will require them to remove the bearing assembly from the hub. All sorts of things in a commercial workshop

    E E

    Cleetus took a trip out west and blew a Tranny.

    Daniel Brealey

    I told ya you should have gone to Rockland Standard Gear and picked yourself up a Transilla T56 with dog syncos from 1st – 5th, meaning you fit a strain gauge on the shifter and wire it up to the ECU to cut ignition for a fraction of a second when up shifting and then you only need to use the clutch to launch or down shift

    Noah Pierce

    I’m all mechanical and race car, one of the things I’ve never done, is transmission work. Hands downs to you guys attempting it. Let’s see what happens. Good luck.

    Who’s That

    As much lubrication as possible, famous last words to the wife. Relax the sphincter! I'm coming in hard

    Who’s That

    Manual he is good knowledge

    Bif McGuffin

    over 9000!


    leroy blew a tranny. perhaps leroys actually a Lenore or Laura or something like that.

    dusty rhodes

    James is gaining legendary status….

    Levi Butler

    Cleetus finally dropped an f bomb on his channel lol

    eric santana

    James always looks like he’s gonna whoop Cleetus’s ass 😂

    Rusty K

    Hey, Cleetus, I love precision metal, I watch a lot, love your channel, and finally want to post a comment… When you were bumping that shifter with the heel of your hand, I had to cringe. Because that's exactly why and where I have carpal tunnel surgical scars from doing that to wrenches and rods all of my life. Puleeezzz don't hammer the feeling out of your hands, you might need them. And they're useless when they dead numb. Thanks for all the fun hard work!

    Caleb Bonham

    When you getting some 87 gas for your 6.8 v10 and hear the eagles from the pump and think some cleetus McFarland vid is about to play on the pump but it's just a bartleskeet add so you okay with it and take a sip of your Mt dew and deal with it as you spend $110 filling you tank


    I'm sorry but Bearing Assassinator 9000 has already been trademarked. Don't google any of those words.

    maxin montreal

    4:04 : watching two guys pulling a cockring out of a shaft…


    I wish James was an oncologist because then there would be no more cancer.

    Joseph Hinman

    You should take the mustang and Cummins swap it and call It the cumstang!!!!!

    David Kelm

    knowledge is king !

    Jay Allen

    giraffe neck pulley puller 4000 you better redneckognize😂😂😂👍

    Manel Pelayo

    My god how easy Corvettes manual trans are, I've done some FWD trans and they are a pain in the ass

    James Ingram


    David Johnson

    Good job you don't live in the UK or down under, you wouldn't want to be tearing into a tranny that's for sure!

    Joel Moe

    good on you guys for bogging in and having a crack at the rebuild.. it always amazes me when ever i see inside a trans., be it auto or manual

    Kyle socom

    That was awesome!! Very interesting video.


    I am shaking my head, why aren't you using a sequential dog box?


    "get yer finger out of there, james…. finger blasting the diff…"


    "The bearing assassinator" lmao

    D Hubbard

    shout to James from "Giraffe Neck Pullers", please put us on the 6.5 year waiting list for a "2000" model :D:P <3

    Chuck Paxton

    How come we don’t see the V1 build on your channel? Or will we?

    AMP Distributing

    LMAO at that puller…….

    Jonathan H

    That thing is a fucking beast

    Anthony R

    Its ridiculous not only how much knowledge James has. But also how he legit loves to pass on the information he has.
    James ftw

    Andrew Munoz

    Cleetus can y’all please put Leroy’s old motor inside ruby I think we would all love to see that!!!!

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