Saturday, March 25, 2023

Let's Get That Record! The Prelude Is Ready For Texas!

Main Let's Get That Record! The Prelude Is Ready For Texas!

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    James Reaper

    66 Camaro? Looks like a 67 to me.

    Andrew Bartleman

    66 camaro…. 🤔 lol

    Daniel Schultz

    The grinch vs the banana


    The twinky

    Levi Willis

    Kbananna, the K is silent

    motoman 714

    Ford biassupplies😂 "fuckin minttt"

    Maiko Campos

    Mane the yellow civic K-NARY cause its yellow like a canary but.. its has a K 😮


    Kyle do u race at west palm beach

    Pablo Alvarez

    18:09 .. the enemy


    upload Texas!

    Travis Mathis

    That S2k @ oreillys lot tho…..

    Bundy Williams

    Pac Man civic

    Jeffery Fulkerson

    Can't wait to hear the excuses


    Still waiting for the new video wya

    Brayden Harling

    Hi Kyle my husband and son went to cleetus and cars this weekend..and my son saw u and wanted a picture and ur punk a** turned to walk away from him when u saw him walking to you. Kinda f*** up if u want fans and a YouTube channel you should be nice to people when. They want a pic or something they drove from Arkansas to see y'all. Be nice bro

    Euphoric GamingHD

    Anyone else notice Kyle checking out the girl with the colored hair 😂


    great video, until I saw all you shmucks drinking Corona… That was a sad, sad moment.


    That fucking Prelude is a Monster!!!! I can't wait till you guy's Figure out a way to make it Beat Leroy/Cleatus…. And Shut that Fake Vette Down.. No Offense Just How I'm Feeling right now.. OH P.S. HAS ANYONE EVER FIGURED OUT HOW Kyle keeps A hot BITCH AROUND as skinny as he is, IN SOME KINDA WAY at all times??? Is it because he's a YouTube Hero Or does He Got Game for day's???? Oh Yeah it's the Money!!!! I forgot!!

    Richard E

    The MR2 should be the only car you should be trying to finish! that MR2 is gonna blow out a lot of competition, old school recipe of Horsepower to weight ratio coupled with rear engine makes traction hookup like nothing

    Lacourtnis Hammock

    I need a run down on this build

    Evan Sanchez

    Take that boostedbabe at 18:49 out for a ride. Lets get some reactions. Also crush that record man!

    Scott Farris

    Haha! They didn’t make Camaros until 1967. You young ‘uns. 🙂


    Those disgusting validation seeking thots filming snapchat videos almost made me puke

    Brad Suiter

    1967 was the first year for the Camaro btw

    Drizzy Dre

    Kyle checks out that fine piece of meat at 18:50😂😂🤣💯

    Brad Suiter

    Did you scrub the wall backing out of the trailer? lol

    Charles Turner

    66 Camaro….😂😂😂😂

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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