Saturday, March 25, 2023

Letting My Ricer Youtube Friends Drive a 1000hp DRAG CAR! +JH Buys a Burnout Truck!

Main Letting My Ricer Youtube Friends Drive a 1000hp DRAG CAR! +JH Buys a Burnout Truck!

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    We did some drag racing last week at Bradenton Motorsports Park! Let some of the guys rip Ruby and their reactions were epic! Check out Kevin’s channel!


    I would kill to drive that baby.

    Four utubez

    I need a Ruby in my life

    Du4 FPV

    If you ever want some free Fpv Chase footage. Always looking for a different perspective. And I grew up playing with the toys you have now so I know the science. I don't have part 107 which is why it's free. And I'm no troll!

    Randall Franklin

    Cleeter is one of best friends ever!!!!




    Those turbskies on Zeroy are cute.

    Josh Koch

    "it's got a lot of corrosion on it man"

    You haven't been to Canada and bought a used vehicle have you? Lol

    Auburn Barter

    Hahahaha his eyes say it all!!! This is why we watch these channels this is genuine excitement!!


    james just about wheelied double the distance tj drove in first lmao

    Conner Johnston

    Wierd ass haircut

    Clay Old

    "With the type of racing James does, we can't show his times."
    He's a sandbagger! For shame!

    Travis Hartley



    What do you mean ricer friends exactly because you admitted to lz that you can't drift in jdm car or any car
    Me personally I like anything that burn gas from weed eaters to wtf ever

    Aaron B

    Doing it double for Dale!

    Chef Camsey

    Man. What a privilege to drive such a bald eagle powered mean machine. Soo jealous


    looks like the easiest car to drive at that speed lol

    Dave Allyn, Sr.

    the 240 sounds like about 20 240's!
    Monster big sound.
    go James.

    Humbled G35

    Vlog the golfing !!!

    David Wright

    Golf cart stretched and widened needs to happen!

    Daniel berthold

    Talk about 8s all daylong

    Rusty Shackelford

    That truck is from the rust belt! That's not from boat ramps, that's ROAD SALT!
    The bain of northern states!

    Samantha Broome

    Freakin awesome brother

    Niche Designz

    You should put cop lights on the golf cart and chase people down at the golf course!


    Why cant they show james times?

    John Antikainen

    Golf Cart Steering v2.0 – Powered by Hopes and Dreams.

    Todd Baker

    when he launched it looked like he crapped his pants!!!!

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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