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Lexus ES 2019 in-depth review – see if it’s better than a BMW 5 Series?

Main Lexus ES 2019 in-depth review – see if it’s better than a BMW 5 Series?

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    This is the Lexus ES! This hybrid Japanese saloon is designed to take on top-of-the-range competitors such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. The exterior …


    This is the second of our new review style. Following feedback from the last one we've reduced the length by a few mins and cut down on the ammount of camera transitions such as zooms and spins etc so it feels more 'normal'. Let me know what you think.


    optimal thumb placement


    I died @14:23


    one can only wonder why are they INTENTIONALLY repeat bad solutions from previous models


    Why didnt you just review the ES350 F sport

    Me Man

    Buddy…how can a FWD compare with a German RWD authenticity!?!?!

    Sergiu Puscasu

    This car is great for people who keep their vehicles after the warranty has expired. Ahem German cars Ahem. Although AWD would’ve been nice to have. But hey, FWD is more reliable over the long-run, and Toyota is all about reliability.

    Honda NSXーR ’02-’06

    I recommend Nissan Fuga 370GT Type S.
    Except size of navigation screen.

    Khalid Alshammary

    It wont break thats for sure

    Vincent Alexander

    5:51 Like if the camera man looks drunk


    That teenage moan killed me XD

    jelle mertens

    I don't get why car reviewers are so audi/bmw/mercedes minded… This car is pretty damn good in ride and build quallity. The others will constantly break down… If people want to buy a 40k + car they want and expect it to work. A mercedes is nice to look at and great for viewing in your garage but thats pretty much it.

    shu takku

    In my opinion, lexus and German luxury brands are on the same level, except lexus being more reliable

    Justin Da Boss

    No it is trash

    Calisto Riviera

    It’s better in that it will be hassle free for years while the 5 series will live at the mechanic.


    Nice Corolla


    Low consumption with a petrol, great track record on reliability, awesome looks. I'll take this over a 5 series any day.


    Did you film the whole video with a Lexus rear view cam?


    Its not worth it unless it comes with the Ninja


    cameraman 5:51

    E MTBR

    Busy week!
    The geneva motor show pulls of time and energy, anyways great for continuing reviewing videos


    Should’ve reviewed a car with the panoramic sunroof. It’s beautiful and way better than other pano roofs (Audi, BMW, Merc) in same price point. Also the sunroof cover should open automatically (at least in the US market). At highest trim, you also get a powered open/close with hands-free kick to open.

    Yoseob Yang

    I'd take this over it's german rivals any single day

    Except for track days


    FWD? No thanks!

    virgo zulu

    It's 2019 no luxury sedan should only be fwd available awd/rwd would make it so much better

    Wild Racoons

    its a hit and miss…

    L 1

    Interior looks cheap and nasty

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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