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Living With A Retro VW Campervan

Main Living With A Retro VW Campervan

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    Want to win a one-of-a-kind 1967 VW 21-Window Bus? Omaze can make that happen! For your chance to win, support a great cause and enter here: …

    Car Throttle

    Hi guys! Hope you have enjoyed this video, we had great fun making it. Hit this link for your chance to win the custom 1967 VW Bus:

    Liam Turner

    This was giving of alot of old topgear vibes

    Jamie Reid

    Fancy just sticking to 1 series at a time??
    Get on with the build!
    Also, who cares about a bloody campervan? They're for people whom believe they're cooler than everyone else around them but in fact they're the exact opposite.

    Gary’s Groovy Garage

    I am a huge fan of old motor vehicles, I loved this video! I currently have a 1976 Opel Kadett in the garage and am actually trying to save up to buy a van like that for after my studies to travel around.
    Unfortunately, Omaze is unavailable in Belgium :'(

    minde urbonas

    No project prelude? 6 months paint job?

    Felix B

    Reminded me of our yearly family trip from Heidelberg to Lands End in a T3 Campervan^^

    CΓ©sar Muniz

    Hahahahah! I work in Volke, the company right in front of that VW museum what you guys had to sleep over to get into, I work here for the past 7 years and I just had been in that museum once.


    Wow, they are worth upwards of $60,000 here in Australia

    Riku Oj

    Should have been longer

    Alex Willis

    The position of the TV in the blue / white bus is so impractical. Reminds me of Pimp My Ride.

    Reagan Orchard

    Alex: I can't belive someone is going to win one of these.

    Ethan: Its Omazing

    Domonkos Bejczi

    No CandyUp in France? So disappointed…
    Great video anyway!

    Alex W

    Alex and his mates should go to the BMW musuem in his e46 touring and Jack's inline 6 e36 coupe

    Logan Taylor

    This old vw bus reminds of how epstien didnt kill himself

    Alex W

    How did Alex's British dad meet his German mom?

    Connor Tan 4896

    I didn't know Alex speaks German

    Jackal Matlou

    "Well, she's dead" Damn, Alex!

    Haralembos Kotrolos

    Well I think we all be damned, if this isn't the start of the next generation THE INTERCEPTORS. Then we all need to make an Indy-GoGo and fund a Cheap Car Challenge with these guys.

    Nourdine Chabane

    I think the video is about living win campvan so where is the camping, and i think you should cook for you selfs

    blinkyw10 Welland

    😐 πŸ‘‡πŸ»

    Hugo Duff

    my mum has a T2 camper


    The 21 window is very nice but I like the one you guys drove too.

    Jibaro Motorsports

    I came to read the comments when Alex started speaking German… wasn't disappointed!

    Fubby Chucker

    Hold up isn't that a pop top with another bed in the roof lads?

    Anthony Sta_Cruz


Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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