Friday, March 24, 2023

Long Term Soul EV Update | It's Gone

Main Long Term Soul EV Update | It's Gone

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    Jaqen H’Ghar

    Anyone who is anti-hydrogen has no idea what they are talking about and are just sniffing Elon Musk's farts.

    James Mastroianni

    The seats were heated/ventilated but not powered? Dafuq

    Fred E

    Don't fLease! It's a trap!


    Why is there a very tall ladder in the background ? Is another job of yours is saving cats out of trees ?

    Randy Jackson

    Korean cars depreciate so much when they are new you are better off to lease … No demand for them when the newness wears off. Most people who buy them and trade then in are way upside down ! I talked to a lady and she bought a new Loaded Sonata in 2017 and traded on a new Accord she was upside down close to 12 grand !

    James Russo

    We don't deserve Alex 😭

    martin martin

    5:20 Someone at your insurance company should watch you drive… I'm kidding , I like when you keep a good margin between a cyclist .

    Salipander ErisGeenAnder

    I can't imagine that Alex went for an inefficient hydrogen car. Some promotion must be going on here…


    I still like the idea of hydrogen but I want an ICE car that runs directly off of hydrogen NOT a fuel cell EV.

    Jared Stephenson

    Did you say you’ve been married for 18 years?! The math isn’t working out. I assumed you were my age (32)!

    zoom ev

    Chevy Bolt … seems Alex has an ax to grind. Why Alex.

    James Allen

    The insurance company, probably wasn't underwriting the R101..?

    Mark Rozenberg

    That East Coast California was great to get some perspective.

    Christopher Calder

    See why we cannot switch to electric cars with current battery and engine technology. See why electric cars are not "green" and clean with current technology. See why the main reason government wants us to buy them is not based in good science, and why adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will be good for the environment, all plants and animals, your own garden, and all humans. More CO2 in the air = more and cheaper food and more and cheaper lumber. Get a free and fascinating lesson in climate science at


    Everyone always WHINES about cars not having power seats….


    Power seats are not important at all. They are heavier as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with manual seats. Power seats are for the lazy.

    Just Kilowatts

    Thought you said in earlier videos you don't do gimmicks or "silly jokes" in your professional videos. πŸ€¦πŸ€·πŸ™„ Way to go back on your word. 🀣 1:001:20

    Mark Vizcarra

    Lease up on mine at 44K. Did at 3 year 45k lease Has about a 65 mile avg range


    Alex, Hyundai offered a Hydrogen powered Tucson prior to the Nexo. I think you mean that the Nexo was the first purpose-built HFC crossover. The Hydrogen Tucson was available starting in 2014.

    David Leffingwell

    Alex, what do you estimate the real residual value was compared to the residual value assumed by the lease 3 years ago?

    Heidi Wilks

    Picked up my 2020 Soul EV a couple of weeks ago and it feels solid as a brick — no squeaks or rattles whatsoever. So though I was sad it no longer had the panoramic moonroof, I guess the tradeoff (vault-like solidity) was worth it.

    Jason Hermosilla

    Told my pastor to get a Black Soul before. Its always a good segue to a joke especially around the time he needs to sell it.


    We've had similar experience with our '17 Soul EV+. Great car! Only issue was the electric actuator for the parking brake failed and needs to be replaced. Kia picked up the car on a flatbed trailer at our home in Tucson, AZ and took it to a Kia dealer in Phoenix for repair – covering the repair cost plus a rental car under warranty. Otherwise, no issues. We did pay substantially less than you for our lease, about $110/mo with taxes.


    Does your evil twin run the other company? When do you have the time?

    Vicki Thress

    Admittedly, I skipped ahead and may have missed it, but what is your replacement vehicle?

    Ocean Medical Clinic Cosmetic Dermatology

    Glad you least it too. Thank you for the analysis! I like the thought bubbles between you and the car, but don't do it all the time. Just do it for your car. Excellent analysis of why to least the Nexo. I think you are convincing me to get a Nexo too. My driving habits are similar to yours.

    Larry Harris

    Insurance must be really expensive in CA. That $60/ month less is the entire bill for one of my vehicles! Granted, I'm in the least expensive demographic – 50 year old male.

    Ivan Vojt

    "going back to Kia" WHY? SELL IT assuming their was some profit to be made.


    What’s up with the dad joke in the beginning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love the videos you make, Alex

    Stephen Y

    β€œ…random collection of people…” Alex and the little people πŸ˜‚.


    I went free from pumps to go back to pumps. lol

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