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Looking Inside My Toyota Prius Engine that EXPLODED after Nitrous

Main Looking Inside My Toyota Prius Engine that EXPLODED after Nitrous

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    Thanks to J&J Auto Wrecking for continuing to rescue my hoopties with spare parts Read my column on Autotrader here: …

    Hoovies Garage

    Thanks J&J Auto wrecking for the parts. Check them out for all your weird auto parts needs!


    use egg white to patch holes, mcgyver did it with radiator i am pretty sure this might fix that engine problem aswell….


    2j swap the Prius. Like if you agree 😂


    2j swapped Prius?!!

    Nik McIntosh

    Leaving a thirty year old timing belt on is a gamble, sure. But it's a Mazda B engine, so it's a five cent slot machine.

    Julian 7160

    Watched ya on FYI can't wait for season 2


    oh no…
    stop watch this video at 445…
    not like prius car…
    lousy design / ugly design / weakall

    Kavinsky Smith

    Dont mean to be a smart alec, but with the 66 if the engine is that fresh, it probably wouldnt be a bad idea to run some sort of oil that has Zync in it to keep it going as long as possible.


    You tell him to explain and all he says is “it’s not set-up for that and blew up.” This guy is a hillbilly moron.

    Zain Shoaib


    Jon Doe

    Apparently these things are running right at the edge from the factory.

    Aurora Borealis

    Cummins Prius!

    pokey le fire

    you can turn off traction control by IGN→acc2x→N→acc2x→READY or something like that. PriusChat knows everything


    Put a beams in it


    Many years ago i saved a buick park ave that the plastic timing chain disintegrated on and replaced it! It had rod knock 2 weeks later. Put a brick on the pedal and let it rev till it popped! Way fun

    Gopro diy tips and tricks

    LS swap it!


    Is your TV show 30 minutes? If you only have 11 minutes worth of content in a 30 minute show then it must be a whole hell of a lotta commercials. Love the channel but no thanks on 19 minutes worth of commercials. Lol

    william prince

    There's a process to disable the traction control. Wish they would have given a button

    Hans Landa

    Warning — DANGER TO MANIFOLD!!!
    Did a piece of diamond plate and a bunch of green washers ALSO spill out?

    Keith Brookshire

    The Prius block can be the engine block coffee table in your new garage.


    ls swap the prius

    Mohtashim Ahmed

    you're going to fix it?!! lol. I have a prius but if that happened I would take it to the junkyard! 🙂


    Does anyone else believe Hoovie has to be a millionaire? I do, as he appears to have cash on hand all the time, not to mention all those cars coming and going…

    Gazorpa Zorp

    Nitrous the miada!

    Oleg Brick

    One of me exes had the same symptoms

    Brad Harris

    Just watched 2 episodes of Car Issues. Fun, well made, show. I hope it is a big success & you get to make more!

    Justin B

    Just got back from Car Issues, and I'm going to be back next saturday. I love the transparency with the entire buying and repair progress compared to other shows, and the general attitude, like with the breifcase!

    Not Elon Musk

    For some odd reason, I've been waiting for this hahaha

    Don Vito

    Anyone else watching Car Issues right now?

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