Thursday, March 23, 2023

Looks Like We're Not Getting a Jeep Trackhawk.. Life Changes Fast, Big Moves For The Future!

Main Looks Like We're Not Getting a Jeep Trackhawk.. Life Changes Fast, Big Moves For The Future!

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    You can’t plan these types of things, but sometimes it’s best that way! CLEETUS MERCH – NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates: Aug 24th …

    James N

    Sipping some Mountain Dew, watching Cleetus videos, sitting in the hospital with my wife waiting for the arrival of our first born. Not a bad Thursday.

    peter North

    Who's going to read all these comments

    Andrew Ratleph

    Thanks Cooper for all you do. I ordered my first piece of merch the pistons rods and dad bods shirt. I absolutely love you all guys channel I have watched every episode keep up the good work an do it for dale

    ludrich Inocente

    When is Cooper doing his 2jz? swap? Can't wait to see that happen

    Aido Wilson

    Wait a second..K&N sunglass's? sun filtering for your eyeball package

    llewelyn roberts

    Get the house, I'm a big fan of your channel, It will get rid of restrictions by your landlord & provide us with even more fun. Keep up the good work .

    ST GUY

    Home is where the heart is. Go for it.

    PUNKA Dylan

    Let's go Cooper, it's been seven days since I ordered my dad bod shirt. It has not been shipped out yet



    Dee Zet

    Get the house, it's the smart thing to do

    Sam Rosenwinkel

    Gohl'dangits good to hear ya being smart with ya dough!! Proud brother!


    Good Call

    Rashad Martinez

    Wow another corvette what a surprise

    Kyle Rokitjanski

    House first, toys seconds. Make it happen bud.

    Curtis Ryan

    Do the straw hats say "Do it for Dale"? If so, im interested in buying one or two.


    Sounds like a solid decision to me. A house with land on it sounds great! The more land the better!


    We need a cleetus compound. A place where 'merica rules, eagles soar, boggers go deep, Leroy and ruby run free, and boggers bog deep. You have to do it for Dale. He would want you to.

    Joshua Mueller

    What do you do for a living, Cleetus?


    You need better sponsorships or something…. Get on that sell out advertising hype and sell us some speakers and watches so we can watch you destroy a trackhawk on your new race track at your house! Boom. You're welcome!

    ed zin

    all you have to do is bleed left rear then right rear then left front then right front press pedal down turn key on to run without starting watch ABS lamp go out turnoff key then back to run two more time at last ABS lamp going off lift foot off brake and you are done.




    Was wondering if anyone knows how or where to get the digital cluster that’s in Neighbor


    Getting the property sounds awesome! Good luck!And I’ve always loved the Bald Eagle Machine! I was sad to hear you were considering selling it.

    daniel Haskins

    IBS in the ass

    TTV Gunvictd

    miss the old mexico night videos with this car bring back those race nights

    Kyler Carlstrom

    Make it imto a track car

    Dan Phillips

    Good luck with the house hunt. The track hawk can wait

    Boofy Garage

    Get the house, daily the vic, keep leeroy and ruby as wicked drift behemoths, rebirth the bald eagle machine into a sideways slidey boiiii

    ray dayan

    Get that house with enough space for a drag strip

    juan aguil

    Cletus is a smart bogger

    Don’t Matter

    Where did all your different shirts go ur down to just i run on freedom thats it? I wana bartle skeet!!

    Jesse Arriaga

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.


    get the house imagine the possibilities of the things you can do at that house!!!!


    Sell the C7, don't upgrade, put it toward the property. Put everything toward the property. Only eat Ramen if you have to.

    Shrimp Quarantine

    You have a saggy tip. Dang brother! You can't bog deep with a saggy tip. They make these small blue pills to help with that sagginess.

    Tim Curtis

    Keep the bald eagle machine.. shes beautiful

    Brian M

    Hell yeah brotha

    Laoshi Rich

    Trackhawks are absolute junk. You dodged a bullet even though you can fix stuff yourself.

    Peter Wahhab

    Wish you all the best brother, hope you get the house

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