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LOWERED 2018 Mustang GT vs SLAMMED 2015 Mustang GT *What's Better*

Main LOWERED 2018 Mustang GT vs SLAMMED 2015 Mustang GT *What's Better*

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    T-REX GT

    I like both suspension setups. It really just comes down to what a person plans to do with their car. I’ve seen guys race with bags, but they don’t race often. That being said, since i don’t race (and if i had the money), I’d like the bags over lowered. Now as a follower of the channel, sitting here looking at both cars, the Black Mamba looks waaaaaaay better. Blue is my favorite color, but he lost me with the wheels. To each his own though. Great vid fam. Holla.

    Motor City Fats

    Something tells me he dont play that game

    Sonic Six

    You play ps4 Stangmode? What games? Anyway loving the channel your going to get big. Keep em coming. I wish I could afford that bagged suspension.


    Thoughts on suspension preference for 'driving spiritedly' on one's favourite mountain road (ie. not in a straight line so to speak) without significantly compromising one's daily drive? ie. Stock v performance coil-overs v Magnaride v Air. I know, it's a big ask, but it would be interesting, and at the end of the day, the answer may well be up to each individual's preference and extent of showing off.

    Fury 550

    The color is nice but the wheels I would need to change. Saying that if the man is happy then I am happy for him.

    Avelino Perez

    Nice video Stangbrotha, this is a very good subject airbags or Struts and springs. I favor springs but if you're looking for a slammed look? Then bags. The gold rims are nice with the blue.

    ILogic 1

    At first I thought it was your car, I completely forgot at this point you had a 2018 model, I was like “this thing looks like it’s gonna crush any car that will race against it”


    Sorry but that car looks terrible with those wheels and bags on a Camaro or Mustang is a HUGE no for me.

    Ben Haze

    Sorry but the slammed Stang does look very tacky. But it is all a matter of personal taste. Definitely unique for sure.

    Dennis Alexander

    I’m going for a performance suspension! It’s a sports car and was designed to go fast!




    this ain’t it chief..


    Too ricey.

    Kevin Skonieczny

    Steeda for sure but his car looked good too.

    Trevon Adams

    That color combo is horrible


    those wheels look tacky af, and that screen is yuck..

    So Fly and pretty

    Bags come on all high end cars now, mostly luxury vehicles, but still have performance. Plus that thang looks good on the ground. We all dont race cars on the weekend some of us just like to ride and look good. That's why we buy high horse power cars, rather have and not need it, then need and not have it


    Bags are dope but soon as something goes wrong it’s done

    Gary Singh

    Both have beautiful Mustangs GT'S but the golden rims looks nice and the air suspension is awesome too. I live the air suspension settings too from Remote and the big touch screen copy from Tesla Model S. I like Black Mamba too. 2015 Mustang GT go faster and the shifter is faster too. I love the exhaust sound from blue GT

    17ROUSH sam

    great video!! Im like you I prefer Like Steeda, Roush etc… but the air lift suspension is sweet and their are a few running 9s in 1/4 but im more of spring guy

    Adam Mauer

    First time I’ve heard the term slammed instead of on bags or bagged but had to find out wtf that meant 😂

    Jet City

    I agree, that 2015 is bad ass!

    Chris M.

    I love how you can adjust ride height on the fly with air bag to get over speed bumps and steep driveways compared to static suspension setup. A static suspension setup like Steeda is better for performance driving and racing though. Weight transfers to rear tires better on launch with static setup. Air Bags = Show Car, Static Setup = Race Car. So you have to decide between "show or go." Not sure about the reliability and durability of air bags either. No one wants leaky bags…lol. Nice Mustang though. Would've gone with different color for wheels and would've left the airbrushed/painted parts out of the interior.


    Beautifully done

    Motor Fire

    Lol the way that cammed car pulled up next to you guys is exactly how it would sound if i pulled up next to you guys recording. That was funny to me. Otherwise awesome car. Airbrushing is on point.


    I hate bags, especially on a Stang. I'm not a fan of lowering springs on stock suspension. I will eventually do so some coilovers like Ohlins or MCS but it will be for performance not looks.

    Tony Amarillas

    When I see Stangs on Bags….I think these are the present day ricers!


    Engine bay looks like shit and also the interior, not to metion the bags

    Ricardo Valenzuela

    StangMode which way would you recommend, full Steeda or PP2?


    Bra ! Bags are for Fags!

    El Caballote

    See you at Carlisle!

    Vanhammer HP

    Brought to you by, Guns and Glory, really Stang, lol. Not really a fan of the flame dress up. I do like the Hot Wheels type look, and the sound of the air.

    Dabba doo

    Beautiful car and good video I was looking into the air ride and also a cowl hood not a big fan of the mustard color wheels seem a lil outta place


    Raceseng shift knob are dope ass fuck. Best feeling shift knob to date.

    Carlos Ovalle

    Bags are nice and all but as soon as something breaks you're dead on the road and will need to be towed.

    Matt P

    StangMode – I saw the Black Mamba on JD Joyride's channel about a week ago, so I figured you were at Ocean City. That bagged Mustang is sick!


    Honestly, my dude Oakley’s hot wheels car is looking pretty clean

    James Batey

    Good content

    Alex K


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