Saturday, March 25, 2023

LS V8 Swapped Huracan FIRST START UP!

Main LS V8 Swapped Huracan FIRST START UP!

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    In today’s episode we start the V8 swapped Huracan for the first time! Download War Dragons on your phone or tablet by hitting “Install” below and find out how …

    steve jansen

    Opps sorry just saw Chris was wearing ear plugs all good great to see guys. Cheers.


    I saw it today IRL and it’s astonishing

    Daniel Brown

    i'm surprised you haven't fried that ecu with no earth strap

    Jake Mangini

    On this episode of what Oscar builds…….


    You need to put bags on this car

    Gazza31112 ,

    RIP engine mounts

    steve jansen

    Please wear Heraring protection guys!! I know it's not cool but don't be like me, take it seriously. I'm 50 & losing my hearing & have to wear hearing aids now. It seems like yesterday when I was your age & I'm now paying the price. Love the channel & love the build but don't hurt yourselves for it. Cheers from your Aussie mate.


    B is For Bud
    M is for Marijuana
    Check out my kush growing faster than a B is Build Rebuild….plus he looks like my big lil brother SUBSCRIBE FELLAS IM TRYING TO BUY THIS YAUGHT

    Backward Entry boyz


    Oren computer & electronics

    very important message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was told you why you have high RPM in IDEL

    in the video you connent the gas throttle pedal, i told you you must swap wire throttle (GND,12V).

    in your video , in idel the voltage was high and when you press thorttle the voltage go low.

    the solution simple, ONLY SWAP between two wire on throttle .
    in throttle had 3 wire (GND,VDD,,V_analog) , swap GND and VDD(12V_BAT)

    DR. Smith

    Wth is so funny…..

    Liam Hogan


    Kim W

    Damn… almost 1 milion!! Great channel!

    ci a

    Ok stop playing put back the v10 in the lamborghini

    trick chins

    Usually putting a LS V8 into something that it doesn't belong in is cool but putting a shitty GM V8 into a Lamborghini is dumb. It's like putting a pig's heart into an Olympic level athlete. yeah, the athlete is still alive but they'll never be or perform the same.

    c r


    boss Ng

    Ricer… should of K swapped it..


    What kind of port is it again?

    alexis collazo


    A. D

    first we got rotary corvette and now ls huracan.

    what’s next?
    tesla powered camaro?

    Earl Moorhead

    I watched this yesterday


    How to make a lambo slower put an LS in it

    ed___ s___


    Ghost Face

    It's like swapping a Geo Metro engine into a Nissan Altima.
    It sounds NASTY tho 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 LS


    Pssst….you kids wanna float some valves?

    Rick Smead

    Do you still own the 240? And if so will you have it at any shows or anything this summer. I’m really intrigued with that car and would love to see it. I’m local to Portland so if your going to be at any cars and coffees or anything like that let everyone no and hopefully I catch the video

    Jack Orlan

    Huracan + LS = AmeriCAN…

    Brandon green

    Still gonna be awd?

    mystic Whitetail buck Hunters

    #ls swap is swap everything

    Dameria Pangaribuan

    Wow thats loud as hell

    Elite_ Shadower_

    sneak in to ls fest with this and meet rod with his 13b corvette

    Mitchell Gildea

    19:14 B is for BRUH


    Please do something better with the coil pack setup. That's terrible.

    fidodark megalofido

    do not see the transformation as a sacrilege the hurricane was destined as scrap, see it as a prototype made house follows so friend. following you from venezuela.

    Ben Upde

    oh wow. an LS swap.
    Fucks sake 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    280Tampa Andres

    One word…. MERICA!

    Oscar Ortega

    Come on man get to the video!!!!!

    Erol Fox

    Do you guy's have huge fire extinguishers close by one for each guy? LOL Flames right next to the fuel cells


    That's so weird

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