Monday, March 20, 2023

MAJOR SET BACK! I messed up

Main MAJOR SET BACK! I messed up

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    subscribe to sikkys channel!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Mike Honcho

    Truck trailer and a car. The event is a great opportunity to make a great video with a bunch of car YouTubers


    you better go boi

    Mike Honcho

    From south Florida. I never knew people haven’t seen lightning hit the ground. I’ve seen insane purple bolts of lightning that branch out like an oak tree.

    Lightning scares me the most on the water where my boats the tallest point for miles.


    kyle said chris gonna be there


    Time to reach out to Rpm transmissions

    Sprinkles Davenport

    T56 is bad

    James Hyatt

    @Rodnock – Family feud man. SURVEY SAYS!!!!!


    0:24 perfect timing. Big lightning bolt strikes beside your face behind you.


    get real drillbits , not this junk


    Won’t shift due to ATF. You need proper gear oil.

    I’m probably wrong lmao I just wanted to throw something at you.

    jades Adventures

    just send it and go

    Sideways 740

    Dude!! that lightning strike in the beginning!

    Aaron Burke


    young KOMA

    All these problems are just a sign for you not to go my boy!!


    I counted exactly 40 1-gallon bottles of water, which means you were carting around 333.8 pounds of water (or 151.72 kilograms).

    ryan dehamer

    also your silly to say it nicely, if it fits in your pocket it's free at a junk yard.

    Lilblue Scooby

    Family feud… family feud says survey says.

    ryan dehamer

    actually ruined that door xD soo mad rn

    ryan dehamer

    why dont people think about other parts in the junk yard? why the fuck hit that door xD i'm actually just just gonna smash bmw's from here on out hahahah

    Project WRX

    Do it for the content man!!!!!!!

    Integra DIY

    You need an air chisel in the shop. It would been out in 30 seconds


    Put some synchromesh in it instead of atf…

    Nicholas Meisner

    I think it’s about time this channels named gets changed to “Chris Rudnik”

    Sweet Tee

    Why don't you put a CD 009 in it. It can handle the power. U might have to get a adapter plate.

    Jim Morris

    Bent shifter forks are the problem

    Devon Farmer

    Time for a new drift car fam

    Peugeot life uk 123

    Fuck it lol just go and send it

    young PRYNC3

    sounds like you got some wack shift forks

    Billy Merritt

    Tommy is a fucking legend!


    That rain you were driving in I spun out and hit the curb in that rain fml 😵


    find a transmission and send ittt

    lil skeet

    Lol survey says is family feud

    damien mcconnell

    zero machining oil.


    You already heat tempered the FUCK out of that piece by burning up bits. That is the absolute worst thing you can do. First sign of no chips/shavings STOP DRILLING dont push harder and harder.



    Takahashi Siul

    U guys needed to drill at a slow speed that's why u guys were breaking drill bits

    Flexing FTW

    Go pussy

    Payton W

    What happened to doin a k20 Honda build

    Blaznmax 88

    Go go go

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 50 total)
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