Monday, March 27, 2023

Making an Offer on a Junkyard 350z… (HIDDEN MODS!)

Main Making an Offer on a Junkyard 350z… (HIDDEN MODS!)

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    I found a abandoned 350z in a junkyard and decided I had to have it… Go to to find out more and get started! You can subscribe to my …

    Luis Medina

    Great vlog love the ending

    Kp Raz


    Austin Graceon

    Dustin should rebuild that S2K


    TJ you should start going on Rally’s with the Ferrari

    nathan cortez

    Lol, perfect ending.

    Steve Olivares

    Who knows what junk yard this is I need parts for my Frs . I’m located in Orange County CA

    M C

    The whole ending is fucking gold. Lol

    Johnathan Ramirez

    Was that a white MK3 supra? I need one really bad


    Pickup the G8 at 7:18 Boiiiiii !!!

    R Reifschneider

    You should do a car give away.

    Tony Jose

    Dude your the man teej

    raul gonz184

    Kevin’s face tho 😂 6:09

    Abraham Silva

    What a nice way of saying thank you 🤣 "shut the fuck up" 🤣💀


    this reminding me of Tj bought FD for Mickey then now 350z!

    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    I smell an LS

    Trent Risetter


    Jose Z

    So y’all just keep buying each other gifts for buying the other person a gift?

    jj Vlogs

    He needs to be more giving instead of everything me me me if I had the money he has I would help my friends to mod there cars to the fullest and TJ just doesn’t seem to care ((((buy my friends cars nah imma buy me 6 more cars for me ))))


    9:03 "is that a Supra!!"


    Good guy TJ always supporting the boys at throttle first Mickey now Evan! great vid!

    Yuri Rivera

    11:13 that mk3 Supra needs some loveee


    …I can’t help but comment that when Teej talks, his mouthing of words cringes me out lol. 😂😂


    Awww cute, loved the ending….


    you guys are the best a like wend you guys are good friends to each other your a good man TJ



    Trevor Thomas

    I may be biased because I own one but what about the clean ass mk3 Supra behind you at 9:03

    G 777

    6:22 what is that drink


    Them wheels are easy $300

    joaai Beo

    ok but when u giving out a car tho?

    Kyle Smith

    That's not a junk yard. That's the back lot of a shop where they keep parts cars.

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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