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    Tune Update! + talking about some selling… :/ You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari 458, BRZ, …

    tyler j

    do somwthing wild on the FD

    Serious Killer Ritvik

    Don’t sell Rx. 458 needs to go & build a drag car

    Franklin Winstead Jr

    Sell that shit

    Honza Macoun

    If you sell the RX7 I'm done. I would cry like a little baby.

    Ninja 1082

    The big 4 plz sell the mustang and 458


    Try and get a cheap garage and store the cars that are already “finished” there and hire me to start the cars every day🤘🏽

    YunnngBoii 310

    Bro sell that wacc ass mustang , keep the Rx7

    Danie Van Der Westhuizen

    Keep the rx7 go old school static street style


    Get rid of the mustang and Ferrari TJ


    Build an old muscle car

    Joseph Ward

    TJ!! The FD RX-7 is such a monumental build for you, the shop, and the channel! Don’t let space make you sell it or deter you from new projects.. Time to think about a storage spot for cars? Food for thought

    Rafael Gomez

    No keep the rx7. It’s the perfect car. Rebuild it.

    Jesse Henry

    This is not a joke. I'm threatening you if you change ANYTHING on the rx7 i will hack your youtube and delete all your videos and get the account 3 strikes so its deleted.


    Kevin Varley

    For the rx7 do a give away. Make some ones dream come true. My dream is to own an fd I'm sure it's some one else's dream as well… also the opportunity to meet you and spend the day with you

    Gregory Hardy

    I think you show keep the rx7 and build a 240

    lanard2 _wavvy

    Or sell the mustang

    Brian Philip

    TJ, you might read every comment but nobody can actually convince YOU and tell YOU what to do next. One thing I will point out is that you have mentioned in past videos that you are running out of room in the shop and insurance costs and YOU will need to part ways with a vehicle when that times comes and by all means YOU make the decision and I will roll with it because quite frankly I saw this coming. I do notice that Youtubers always get nice cars and get the viewers hooked to them then sell them when the car no longer brings creativity to the channel which I personally don’t really understand the point of doing that since it’s kind of a sideways move. If it were my choice I wouldn’t sell any of the vehicles because it’s a choice YOU made and you looked confident and happy in those decisions. The more the merrier and let’s keep moving forward!

    Luis Medina

    Sell the mustang

    Luis Medina

    Keep the rx7 don’t ever sell it

    Chris Dolmeth

    FUCK that Mustang. Take your profits from selling the Ferrari and Mustang and do a new build. 2 Cars gone, more space, and you get to keep the RX7.

    zaki NBG

    Clean the darn lens/sensor. dust specs everywhere – ewwww

    Adromegona Games

    Widebody rx7 crazu loud colour

    Elton Tang

    Anyone else realized there a black spot on video. I thought it was monitor and I kept scrubbing at it. lel

    MialLamb Gaming

    keep it and do a 180 too? the rx7 is your baby and why you went to NZ

    Nick Nebraska

    Keep fd and redo


    Baby boy couldn’t handle a s14


    No way you would buy a 240


    Hahaha you’re to scared to own a 240sx

    chris marshall

    Do an awd 4rotor with it and beat Rob damn to the first 4rotor


    Sell the stang and 458. Do not sell the rx-7

    Ozzy C

    re fu**ing do it!!!!!!

    Ryan Hatzoglou

    go full racecar

    Chris P

    redo the rx7 widebody real big show car

    Julian Holifield

    damn i wish i would be able to make an offer on the rx-7 i really want it

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