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    Going to start taking drifting seriously so it’s time to grind on the e36!!! get your merchandise here!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    drew Gregory

    A flywheel resurfacing is cheap , and that thing had major hot spots. Just do it once and forget about it.

    Robert bonham

    You should be able to resurface. It

    Robert bonham

    You should have used. A bag. And tape it up

    Pgamer TBP

    Cold start burnout attempt lol, this ain't the civic

    Carey Fagard

    My buddy savion just died in a bike accident this comment may get deleted but he was a great kid, only 20 years old he left a 2 year old son and a girlfriend behind in these hard times. Any help is greatly apreciated. https://www.gofundme.com/f/long-live-savion-flinn?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3rBMeIvydORlkxM99EbyhCfwuPwLeiN3ot8PByl7x1UoghbaWCTWsuFzk


    ruddy owns a bmw gto36

    Seanzyyy 401

    So I have the notification for the live stream but yet it's not here in list of videos?

    Jose Hernandez

    Where's the quarantine video??

    Erwin Dizon

    Do a new look for the drift car

    Don Heston

    Why wouldn't you drain the transmission first amateurs

    marcus crawford

    1:45 that's what he said

    Andrew Bartleman

    Whos all the useless randoms just standing around?

    Andrew Bartleman

    When you want to save your pressure plate and flywheel when you know your clutch is slipping… don't do launches on it man haha.

    xbondjs II

    Video title shoulda been driver mod makes my car great again


    doesn’t know how his clutch is bad “I let my car salesman do a burnout in my driftcar!!!”

    Bryan Vazquez

    Re surface the flywheel and safe ur self a headache

    hardhag garage

    “Rest in peace to everything in my rear end” -rudnick Covid-19


    Just yank it in 1st and start it then blocksand the flywheel while it's on idle, at least get your pressure plate machined


    Next time you pull Trans put a bag on the rear and tape it you won’t get fluid all over


    you can glue down sheets of 100 grit sandpaper to a thick slab of glass an slide the pressure place back and forth on it to remove any high spots.
    Same for the flywheel as long as the friction surface fully contacts the sandpaper and not anything else on the flywheel.


    a 2 stage trans jack is like 350. quit being cheap and risking people dropping your shit, injury ect. a trans coming down will take off a toe or completely destroy your foot. i know none of you are wearing steel toes. just buy it already

    a cheap extension cord will kill the power of that welder, which isnt much to begin with. need a 12 gauge cord at min

    Fct 8306 On Two Wheels

    Tommy the bodyman is looking more healthy with recovery, good stuff 👍👍. Was almost gonna jump on a Miata fun car today but nah, gonna keep saving up


    for real send that to the machine shop xD


    Yall remember when Chris spent 3 weeks trying to get the trans put in the ls1 car? I watched every episode in Hopes he get it in

    Christian Blair

    When you well make sure you have a clean spot for the ground and a clean spot to where your welding too!! #love the videos man


    please tell me you and courtney are still together? 🙁


    Days without courtney: 7


    Why would you not drain your trans first?

    Drugs are bad

    You gotta be more humble about him crashing your car my gyy


    What happened to I’m doing everything right lol


    Fix the flywheel to, remove that blue haze/burned spot otherwise u gonna slip that clutch again…

    Brandon Rifkin

    It looks like he split his wrist the rite way hahah

    Alley Builds

    why his shit does not last long is because you don't spend the extra 40$ to get the flywheel and pressure plate machined. No joke it will cost you more in the long run if you don't get it done.

    Mr Shwifty

    I remember that video with the yellow vette burning the clutch and not the tires 😂

    boosted tony

    man i really wish youd upload at a normal time lol


    Where's Courtney & Chester at lately?

    Roberto Rodriguez

    Rudnick props to you for building that drift car that shit doesn’t look half assed


    Those booger welds tho😂

    Roberto Rodriguez

    Why we always get rodknocks sweat on the camera all the time

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