Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Making my FIRST 8 Second Pass! (I was SHAKING)

Main Making my FIRST 8 Second Pass! (I was SHAKING)

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    In the 8’s baby!!! Thanks Garret for letting me drive Ruby! go to his channel and tell him crown vic’s are for old men …

    tukmol lebron james

    tj hunt is very gay


    Respect that was sick

    Gabriel Nielsen

    Now you tried drag race.
    So are you going to build a drag car now ?


    Damn I stay close and that’s my drag strip where we always race


    Build a drag car brother!!


    If you decide to do a drag build I will immediately subscribe and start watching your videos lol

    Earl Moorhead

    I here this all the time what’s so special about going straight down a track and why do ppl do it ???well intil you do it like that once your hooked and have to build one I’m glad you got to do it because now you at least know how difficult it really is 🔥🔥👍👍💪💪💪

    Brendan Butkus

    if only you guys got to see leroy go down the track lol

    bob bobo

    Cool to see TJ out of his comfort zone. Drag racing gets in your blood.

    Brian Spillmer

    Drag car build?

    Rass Clarke

    Vlogmas bitches!!! “Like, comment”.

    Ryan Patti

    gotta love coop, "only has 2 gears, fast and faster"

    Nick Johnson

    Cleetus James and coop are the shit. Those guys are great people I love seeing collaborations with his team.

    Austin Powell

    Turn a look! Serve us some fish in drag.

    da bimma

    Tj does a 8 second pass in a 7 second car

    Sessh _

    TJ it takes a tremendous set of balls to not have driven anything down the 1320 in years or ever and just hope in an 8 sec drag car. Ruby is probably one of the easiest cars to do it in but still. WOW. Blown away. Bet your into “Drag” now!!!


    Honestly I want to see build TJ his Supra Mk4 or Mk5 into a drag build

    Chris Fu

    Who else thinks TJ should build a drag car?! I mean he has everything else but a drag car!


    Wow nice to see tj drive a real Racecar!

    Jon B

    yoooo that pass gave me chills. That shit looks intense as hell


    Lmao Cooper – "When you see 5600,5800-7000 you can shift".
    Trying to get this man into the spaghetti sauce.


    build a drag car


    Next video
    “I’m building a drag car!”


    that dude tried to jump a halfpipe…..

    30 Year Old Bunta

    Dude the amount of inertia is enough to lift your pedal. You're like me, we're too gentle with other peoples stuff. You need to mash that fucking thing! Love seeing other peoples reaction to Ruby. 👌

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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