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    I know everything!

    I think you have a great channel Stang… been watching you from the eco beast days. Your channel has grown quite a bit, you should be proud of yourself. Very few people have YouTube channels that are your size about cars. Yes, there are car channels with millions of subscribers but there are much fewer of those. Your doing a great job and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.


    Car is looking great.

    Racing Fox

    Think decaffeinated!! Lol, Better grip hopefully car looks great!, That Steeda suspension upgrades should help!, just breathe lol 😂😂😂


    Where did you buy that tire? I can't find that size anywhere

    di vk

    How do i go about lining up with this stangmode fellow??

    Jay S

    Holler at your boy when your pushin 700hp via Whipple on a S550 instead of driving that ugly thing.

    John Roth

    StangeMode – one more thought: If you don't boost the power, you might think about going to 3.76 grears in the pumpkin. With the slicks you might get from 0 to 60 a little quicker. My reasoning: the slicks will hook up better and with the lower gears you'll move quicker off line in the lower RPM range when torque is not fully available. Just a thought.

    Aleksei Bykov

    Im gonna come bud. :)))

    David J. Smith

    Hey STANGMODE!…Good Update on the Lime Green Mamba!…What's the Status on Your New Garage?…I am Just Saying!…God Bless!

    Samuel Grossman

    Would definitely attend Atco Callout. A shame Friday night at Atco was cancelled. Some great DA today.


    Hope it does well, don’t be surprised if it goes slower though…


    I edit our family videos, it sucks time out of your soul, I can only imagine the work load to put a video together that has multiple angles, other shots, hell I get tired thinking about it! Keep up the great work, can't wait for the GT500 to show up.

    Dale Kloka

    I like your honesty, if you don’t know something you say so. That means a lot to an ex-marine. Simper-fi my friend. Now let’s take that next challenge, kick “A” and learn.

    0763762 LTD

    I’m curious to see how the Hoosiers pan out I might go with them on my 5.0 I’ve got the Mickey street Ss on the auto car but they are too rigid on the stick.

    My lill Pony

    I’m down

    Cobra Black

    #Stangemode #ripaxles

    Stangmode on my 93 Foxbody LX 5.0L with a manual 3.55 gears and good axles running Hoosier 26×10 QuickTime pro tires I did a 1.55 60ft.


    it’s easily a vmp supercharger you’re going with

    10R80 Daily

    You’ll go faster with a radial.

    Daniel Lopez

    Hey bro…I like your channel , keep it up , from Waco, Tx…😎


    A true slick is going to slow you down. Switch to MT ET Street R's.
    Our cars love radials and since you're doing mostly prepped tracks a radial is ideal.
    If you were doing No-prep and street stuff a slick would be much more recommended.

    Infamous 3V

    I've run nittos, Hoosiers, and Mickey's. Hoosiers FTW

    Kristiadi Hartanto

    Where's your carbon fiber hood?

    Carlos Lewis

    As always… A great job! Forever a fan


    Hoosiers are stickier and lighter.. Good choice

    Joshua Rollins

    @StangMode . huge heart is right love your attitude bro! keep doing what your doing. 💯
    God Bless brother.

    Daniel Roberson

    What the heck censored lol.

    Brian Gonzalez

    What do you guys think of a 2011-2014 Mustang GT I'm looking into buying 1 next year

    Inviktus Prime

    I like to gap hellcats lol 😆

    Gold Pony

    I'd be down for a callout with Stangosaurus…. so long as it's during the day… gotta put the kids to bed ya know haha! 🙂 Good idea tho!

    Boost In Motion

    who the fcuk hits the dislike button? best wishes bro

    Nickel white S550

    28” going to kill the car. You need a 26”. I launch just fine on a trans brake 3500 on a 26”

    Edison Pomales Jr

    Stang mode, great idea for a call out and race day. Would do good for us out here up north. To have some racing each other. And be able to meet with you YouTube guys. Plus I think it would do great things for your channel.

    James Maness

    I run a hoosier rear with a skinny MT radial sportsman 28" front , and no sway on track, and also ran fronts with a MT street R pias ply, and I daily them, and only sway is from changing lanes, no sway racing, and I run a mt82, and 1.42 60ft

    Bob O’Connor

    Looking forward to seeing some drag videos. Come on man, don't you know that I'm reliving my youth vicariously through your channel???

    Manuel Rendón

    Your gonna use those hossiers for the 500 to

    cecil otto

    Mickey's been good with me


    No need to swap the fronts. Radials in the front work fine. You’ll feel some sway due to the soft sidewall on the rear. Both Hoosier and MT work well, but I run Hoosier because they’re lighter.

    Twist3d Drift3r

    Hey man. Working on a new video testing the gt500 once my pc is out. Sorry for not releasing the one i mentioned on instagram pc had issues the day after and i had to buy a new powersupply for it and it's still not here

    Kevin Skonieczny

    Same tire and size I have.. You have to heat the crap out of them. Tall too..good thing you went back to the 3.55.

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