Thursday, March 23, 2023

Marty's New Car (Back To Japan!)

Main Marty's New Car (Back To Japan!)

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    Sometimes you have to travel to find your dream car… Get a book: Shop: Facebook: …

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    Tore Nyland

    the Opel Kadet c had a 2 l option as well.

    Zach Miller

    An SR would be sick in it

    Kasper Christiansen

    You should use a C20let 🙂 2,0 16v turbo engine from an Opel calibra / Vectra :)!

    Noneconforming conformist

    Astra vxr engine

    Reece Drury

    Obvious on would be for an astra gsi/vxr 2.0 turbo or an older red top


    But… does it start?


    Why not an OPC Ecotec? The parts are available like nothing else (at least here in Europe/Germany), they are reliable and they sound pretty great…


    So cut an Le in half. 2.8l 4 banger!

    That Nerdy Cuber

    cars you love and adore are the best when you can wheel it into your garage, i felt like a teenage girl at a justin bieber concert in in 2009 when i wheeled drove my mk2 golf in my garage


    Piazza turbo motor for sure

    Derek Harper

    I want to see this, Honda mini, rb260z, and the yaris cruising together in one shot

    Karen Murray

    piazza turbo it's Isuzu and should slot straight in

    Dale Bourke

    Love to see a piazza turbo or even a fj20 build for the gemi

    Tore Nyland

    Opel Kadett is the brand i know that as

    Tycho Kaspers

    Sick these opel kadetts are dope, never knew they were sold in different countries under different names, you guys dropping the knowledge. This was my dream car for years, Swap a c20xe or c20let if those engines are known in your part of the world🤣

    Lachlan Withers

    K series v tec would be perfect

    someone you use to know

    How about a 4age?

    Chris W

    Jaguar/Ford 3 litre V6. Small, light strong..

    Ray Pinkerton

    Wow, memories. I had a TE Gypsy Van from new which came 4 speed, no air. I fitted a 5 speed box and factory air. Had to pull the motor and gear box to do it. Also fitted interior control door mirrors. I purchased the factory engine and body manuals which were very helpful. Turns out the 1800 engine for the van was fitted to Rodeo's of this vinage and is a direct swap.


    Put a 3.2l V6 from a Isuzu Rodeo in it? :p optionally you could convert it into 4wd as well :p

    Jacob Garnham

    Speaking of engines, I think I know someone with a Dover 660T free to a good home to install. Probably get the whole drive train axles included for a song and maybe freight.



    Maarten Groeneveld

    Put in a engine of a nissan Silvia 2.0 turbo

    Joshua Shawn

    Isuzu 4jb1 dieael swap


    Heres something: 1NZ-FE

    Grim Reaper



    just get the book and Rodney !!
    hope the book will be signed and rodney give me luck with my 180

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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