Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Maserati Ghibli 3.0 V6 BiTurbo POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Main Maserati Ghibli 3.0 V6 BiTurbo POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

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    Now lets upgrade to a Quattroporte GTS V8 πŸ‘‰https://youtu.be/pRtKcf1WU1E

    Yu Tre


    michigan man murphy

    For a luxury car this shit looks super outdated,i rather have a Cadillac.


    Nice Ford

    Beastmaster 64

    3 Liter and turbos ? Jesus Maserati what happened

    White Powder

    Maserati is done, a finished brand. Totally unreliable cars with guaranteed headaches.

    Younes Layachi

    Booooo trash american maserati xD

    Hon Guen Loh

    Nice car dude…:) no lockdown in Netherlands?:-p

    Nizar Lahlou

    Nice car but is it reliable?? ive heard from so many people that it is not.
    What do you guys think?

    Pokemon Go

    The brand new is stunning, unfortunately it has worst sell back value on the automobile market.

    Dydou 63

    nice to see videos about Maserati πŸ™‚

    Bo Han

    Just wait two years and buy the car at 1/3 the price πŸ™‚

    xxcrysiscgx _

    Who clicked on the video to look at the toothpaste panel gap at the door? Its at 0:23 btw

    What an overpriced trash car lmao

    Wesley McElhaney

    Bet it’s hard to feel manly shifting like that, no matter the speed


    A 15 minute drive will reduce resale value by 15 percent.

    Abdul G.

    Steering wheel looks like Tesla in small format.

    Mr. E. Hillel

    The BMW 550i has….Does the Ghibli?

    Mark Levitt

    Very disappointed with the Ghibli I bought this Car and my expectations didn't get much better to buy regular Chrysler , I lost big $$$ on value


    Numbers? 0-100, 1/4, 100-200, top speed?

    Systems Realty Team

    Nice Dodge Dart you got there LOL

    Southbay LA

    Might as well buy a Toyota Corolla πŸ˜†

    Arizona Audi

    Love my Ghibli. Put over 20k on it with no hiccups. Of course, never buy new tho!


    Love Maseratis but they should come standard with a small paper shredder that shreds the money you're going to lose in depreciation

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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