Tuesday, March 28, 2023



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    FISHNIK MERCH DROPS TOMORROW!!! follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Neuer Account


    Isaac Quezada

    Any one else see the diesel tank he installed into his truck that he’s been keeping a secret 👀 22:48

    James McDonald

    Bro why are u taking so long to talk about Courtney!?

    Blake Nic

    Did jack tune the powerstroke, watch banks power. Sooting for diesels is really bad.

    James Randall

    James the G with the grom, aha legendary

    Reccallo TimTom

    When you hit boost in 4th you reminded me of Onion when he hit boost in the Protégé for the first time…and was being chased by the cloud of smoke.

    UB jmruther

    Spinning couldn't have anything to do with the 2 inches of rubber actually touching the ground because of that idiotic camber in the rear

    Neuer Account

    This thing is a torque monster!!!

    Malcolm Cook

    Onion’s got sixty burner accounts for the thumbs down

    bobby greenfield

    diesel drift car ?:)


    To prevent the belts from coming off try a ATI Damper or Fluid dampr

    Intense Par

    The short wheel base and power curve on this car is going to make this a terribly terrifying drift car. Lol

    Jeremydebragg Bragg

    Wheres the gtr

    Fried My Oreos

    16:58 haven’t heard that since the turbo protege

    Caleb Prewitt

    Here for James


    Ahhh the pooosie comment had me on the floor.
    fark 375, nice man….

    Shaun_D_ NZ

    Where's chester

    William Henderson

    4 couplers every man's dream. 😆

    Twin 25

    The racer Miata vs gingium Miata would be sick

    Laltluangkima Tluanga

    Love to see dammit sammit reaction

    Ethan Bussey

    14:5815:00 Say it, don't spray it, Ruddy!

    Antoine Boutier

    The Ricer Miata came a long way! So sick!!!

    Mike Holdread

    Ricer Miata too legit for belts…lmao. You might want to try a set of Sam's Valino tires. Maybe better traction.


    Wheres alberto

    nick garcia

    Can can finally see the Ricer Miata vs the sr roadster ❤️

    Mardy LB

    Spinning fourth 🤔 dry rotted tires I think mate? Not being a dick.. just thinking out loud.

    Or to much camber in the rear.
    Or she's just a beast being all light weight an all with 375 hp . Idk still love it


    I want to order fishnik merch and other stuff even but never received a small order i placed way long ago, have my order number.. prolly due to covid

    daniel sierra

    Why does James look like a grown version of grillo? Lolol


    he said 26:18

    Jeremydebragg Bragg

    Change your transmission

    Maiken Pham

    “ he really got good at English “ lmao


    Bring the gtr back

    Mike M

    Maybe even do a full head build including port and polish

    Mike M

    Cams springs and retainers and that'll Rev to at least 8500

    Isaac Nelson

    Fill out the wheel wells more with tire not with low….

    I Paxton

    When’s the feeding frenzy

    Columbus Reviews

    I work with heavy equipment and ratchet straps all day. That being said I would never stand directly in front of any car on a dyno being a Miata or a truck. A quick way to lose your legs James. Anyways the ricer Miata is finally mint. Tell James to stop standing in front of a car seeing how fast it can go foward. Don’t trust any straps.

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