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Mazda Miata Documentaries NC | EP4 Forcing Change

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    In 2020 we have seen reviews and drives of several generations of MX-5, we continue the Miata Documentary Series on the NC, with help from Mazda …

    Joseph Yang

    I've owned an NC which I sold shortly after getting married. For those who had the chance to deep dive into these cars, they'd know NC is unfairly under-appreciated. Also, the top-trim NBs were heavier than the baseline (or the clubsport) soft top NC's. Having the same engine block shared by the regular Mazda3, there are also plenty of replacement engines available from most junkyards (anywhere from $250 – $700) in case you blow one (it's a huge benefit if you race them). Paired with really robust transmission and just a solid car overall and ages very well. No rust issues like the old generations and can fit a driver up to 6'2" without a hassle. As it shares the RX-8 platform, the car is over-built in a way but it translates to much stiffer chassis than the NA/NB and Mazda really shaved the weight from all other areas to keep the car below 2500 lbs. (My GS trim weighed 2460lb with 1/2 tank of gas). I've driven every generation of miatas except NB1 and would personally rate ND2 > ND1 = NC3&2 > NC1 > NA2 > NB2 > NA1 in terms of driving fun (though all miatas are fun to drive by default)


    10:25 someone seriously just stuck the wheel in the trash can lmao

    Justin Fontaine

    I had a 2008 and should have never sold it. So I'm confused. Did he say the changed the NC suspension at a certain time after the first few years?




    Dave Coleman is the man! So much knowledge. I'd love to meet him some day!

    Mauricio Zepeda

    This series is amazing and incredibly well done! Please do another one on another car!

    Adam Williams

    So do I want an NC… or an RX-8???

    Stephen Overstreet

    You can tell this guy is a serious engineer and gearhead when he started opening up while talking under the car. He obviously is passionate about Mazda’s philosophies on sports cars.


    Best one yet guys! great Ep

    Johnny Parker

    I had a NC Club and enjoyed it with a Roadstersport Super Q exhaust but it was time to move on to a somewhat more practical car for the SF Bay Area traffic.

    Aleks Ulmer

    This makes me super happy I settled on my NC2 a few months ago. Thanks for doing the underbody segment with Dave Coleman at the reins! It was like a fascinating class that ended too quickly!

    M. R.


    michael meece

    Is this the same Dave Coleman that used to write for Sport Compact Car magazine?

    michael meece

    Excellent work.

    Erie T

    Not a single mention of the PRHT (Power retractable hard top) or MazdaSpeed version?!?!?!

    Jeff T

    Anybody who watches this series of videos but who has not gone to patreon and become a patron, is a jerk. Anyone watching this series of videos who has not at least subscribed, is a jerk-off.


    Love the series with Automotive Engineers talking about the work was put in their "babies". Sadly it's always limited by the requirements of Product Management so the full potential will never be found in later serial vehicles. And it's getting tougher and tougher to make car models special with every year. Cost cutting everywhere. No good times for creating possible future classic "idols"..

    Derp Derpington

    I had to go 300 miles to get my 09 green NC…totally worth it.


    I have a massive appreciation for NC where I almost had none before. I always thought of it as the odd one out, but it honestly is possibly the most thought-out of them all, with all of the considerations of platform and cost, and the audience for the car versus the expectations of the die-hard fans. The fact that it did well at all is a testament to Mazda's commitment to their craft, and all of the passionate people behind each iteration.

    Thank you for this great series, savagegeese, it makes me hopeful in the future that if my Miata may fail, I can look forward to the advances that this platform can bring.


    What a great video. Dave Coleman discussing the technical bits was the highlight for me. I thought I knew a lot about my car, but it turns out the rabbit hole goes way deeper than I imagined.

    James Barry

    Just makes me wanna hop in my '06 NC. Best car I've ever had. I know it's the most hated generation overall, but I love the way it looks and it's fairly luxurious


    great stuff. The only thing missing is the explanation of why the hell the NC1 pistons do not have any oil relief holes

    Damon Spencer

    This particular episode ranks up there as one of my favorite of your works. I have a whole new appreciation for NC2’s. Hearing Dave Coleman talk is out of this world – can we just have monthly “Chats with Dave”?

    Joseph Andreuccetti

    I was on board the NC hate train because of ignorant automotive journalists and terrible miss information

    I own a ND and almost want a NC instead since it’s more robust to tuning and is a RX8 light weight


    The most comprehensive video on Miatas that I have ever seen.
    This is due to the Mazda executive who completely explains the history, and the inner workings on the Miata.
    The best cinematography of any video of Miatas do to the filming of the underside of the car. The best product knowledge the best conversation in Miata. Best editing and cut away shots.
    All the best Shaun of NYC

    Cristian P.

    Great video savagegeese, how long ago did you shoot this? Keep'em coming


    Hey Mark can you do an extended cut of this as I could listen to Dave Coleman for hours!!!!!

    Ariel Agustin

    Thanks for the awesome Miata content!

    M P

    I have a 2010 2.0 sport tech hard top UK version – awesome car! BUT clutch is super hard on mine – anyone else has that issue? I also had the NB which was a sharper drivers car, that’s why I was looking at the NC2 as heard NC1 was too soft and they improved that after the facelift with Bilsteins etc. One of the best cars you can buy at any price range.

    Brad Mckenzie

    This is such a good series.

    Zack Urlocker

    Great documentary series. I have an NC and I love it. My favorite convertible. But, it seems odd to have a feature on the NC and never once mention the PRHT! Come on, that's the biggest selling model.

    Charlie Bui

    Dave Coleman is a god among men.

    Chia-Keng(Peter) chen

    This NC episode is a masterpiece !

    (Must have raised the resale value for all the NC2 on Craigslist)


    This is amazing. I'm glad Mazda has people like this in staff. This is how it should be in the entire auto industry. Also, now I miss our old RX8.

    The Legend

    I love my NC3 club!


    I love this series and really all of the content you produce. My first Mazda was (and still is) a 2011 Mazdaspeed 3; fell in love with it and the Mazda brand on the first test drive. As a non-automotive engineer, I am extremely impressed with Mazda's dedication to doing everything a little different than the rest of the manufacturers. Previous car was a 2003 BMW 330i, which literally broke my wallet…never again!

    Keep up the great work!!!


    Outstanding EP! Strangely, not once is engine displacement mentioned.


    you found the right guy to talk to

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